Coding with Tynker Produces Confident, Creative Kids

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Coding with Tynker Produces Confident, Creative Kids
Last Updated: September 17, 2014 10:02 pm

Coding with Tynker Produces Confident, Creative Kids

What is the benefit of creating with code? Do we want all of our kids to become programmers? Not necessarily. As parents, we want our kids to learn skills important to their future success. We want our children to be confident, independent, and resourceful problem-solvers. Coding with Tynker teaches kids all of these things.

Many enthusiastic parents have shared their stories with us. In the words of Andrea Jasper, whose daughter Eliza attended Tynker summer camp, “She’s inspired, enthusiastic (she had no interest before), and wants to make games. She has learned persistence at getting things done and the confidence to work through complex challenges.” Not only does building games give kids a fun creative activity to do, but it also gives them the opportunity to experience the satisfaction of solving problems on their own.

Many kids never realized that learning to program and creating games was possible for them to do. Says Astrid, a 7th grader, “Before I started Tynker, I thought programming was hard. My dad tried to teach me but I didn’t really get it. All the syntax looked confusing. Tynker made it easier for me. Now I feel free to make games to have fun.”


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Confidence is also a big plus. Sue Jones describes the benefits of Tynker for her 2nd grade daughter Millie. “Tynker is great for confidence building. I like that she is in control, and she feels in control – it gives her a lot of confidence to feel that she is learning such cool stuff, all by herself. With Tynker, she feels no less than anyone, and feels empowered – that is a great benefit for us.” Tynker’s guided self-paced approach enables even a 7-year-old to create with code.


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Coding turns kids into inspired “creators.” When kids realize they can create something from nothing, it is the ultimate “a-ha.” Alec, a 7th grader says, “What makes Tynker really fun is that I can create something out of nothing. All of these code blocks don’t mean anything unless I put them together, and when I put them together I can make a cool game to play. It was cool to build my own game because I could use my own imagination and build whatever I wanted.” It’s exciting to hear such inspired words from a future innovator!

Anna Popovici reflects on the benefit of encouraging her children to create with code. “When kids make things they enjoy, they realize they don’t have to buy things to have fun. They can make something themselves without having to buy it. Coding is just another way they can make something themselves.” That’s the ultimate empowerment – giving kids the confidence that they can create something themselves, not just consume what others have made.

Tynker has inspired over 60 million kids to start programming and become “creators,” giving them the confidence that they can do what they might have previously considered “too hard,” work through tough challenges to solve problems, and make things that others can enjoy.

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Tynker enables children to learn computer programming in a fun and imaginative way. More than 60 million kids worldwide have started learning to code using Tynker.