Give Thanks with Code

Last Updated: November 23, 2015 8:40 pm
Give Thanks with Code

Give Thanks with Code

Ah, Thanksgiving break. A time to relax, give thanks for friends and family, and eat (perhaps not in moderation). But between the feasting and sleeping, kids often have a lot of free time (you’ll know this is the case if you find them plopped down in front of the television).

Encourage them to use this free time to do something at least as fun but much more rewarding! Check out our Thanksgiving projects for kids to create and customize. By the time the relatives arrive, they’ll have a new game they’ve built themselves to show off.

Remix “Turkey Jump”

By clicking on this link, kids can open “Turkey Jump.” They can save the project to their account and customize it.

Inspire creative project remixes! Encourage kids to:

  1. Modify the Actors and backgrounds they use.
  2. Think about what the goal of the game is and add winning and losing conditions.
  3. Add funny surprises to the game.
  4. Play the game themselves. What is frustrating? What doesn’t work?
  5. Show it off and ask for feedback.

Get coding! Holidays are a great time for creative play and exploration. If your kids enjoy “Turkey Jump,” encourage them to check out more free projects at the Hour of Code and make “Turkey Trot,” another fun Thanksgiving coding project. Make sure to send us your children’s projects. We love seeing what kids create with Tynker.

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