Community Highlights – September 17-September 24

Last Updated: September 25, 2017 8:58 am
Community Highlights – September 17-September 24

Community Highlights – September 17-September 24

Happy Monday! It’s always exciting to look back on the previous week and find the best of the best projects and tweets – this week, we’re bringing you some cute projects about animals, and tweets and news focusing on drones!


Remix This Project

After Hibernation: The bear from the “Hibernation” game returns! Help him redecorate his home after his long rest.


Remix This Project

Butterfly customizer: Create your own custom butterfly in this cool project.

Tweets of the Week:

Cool! In this tweet, kids are coding on an interactive whiteboard.  

It’s always great to see girls get recognition for excelling in coding!

Check out this sweet drone video, made by a teacher.

This teacher’s tweeted a great update about coding in his school – 15k lines of code to program drones!

On the Blog:

Our Featured Maker this week was Chloe! She said coding is a stress reliever for her, and enjoys looking at the Tynker community projects. We also posted about our cool seasonal project “Autumn Leaves,” found here.

Tynker in the News:

According to this article, the Argentinean government purchased 1900 mini-drones to use with Tynker in schools! We love to hear about people programming around the world with Tynker!

About Tynker

Tynker enables children to learn computer programming in a fun and imaginative way. More than 60 million kids worldwide have started learning to code using Tynker.