Community Highlights: July 16 – July 22

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Last Updated: July 23, 2018 3:35 pm
Community Highlights: July 16 – July 22

Community Highlights: July 16 – July 22

Happy Monday! The Tynker community was busy working on Week 3 of the Summer Code-A-Thon last week – our young coders created cooking-themed games and more. Check out some of our users’ amazing work!

Projects of the Week

FOOD FIGHT! by Nova Evo

This project is an interesting take on the “Cooking” theme. Throw food at your classmates and teachers, and dodge the food they throw at you.

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(K) Night Moves by Cnacamb

This chess minigame challenges you to get the knight to the goal spot with as few moves as possible. The most impressive part of this game is that it prevents the player from moving the knight incorrectly.

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Cook with Princess Maya by Absorbed Sheep

Help the princess bake a cake! Put all the ingredients together in the right order.

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Jinx 2 -Cat World! by keeona the cat

In this project, you play as a cat. Choose the breed of cat that you are, and try the different toys.

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Bogo Ball by Subtle Cafeteria

This game will test your reflexes. Press the up arrow to jump over the barriers, and press the down arrow to duck below them.

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Tweets of the Week

This teacher is having fun experimenting with Tynker!

Cool – this teacher is getting prepared to use Tynker with her students.

Nice shout-out to Tynker in this tweet!

These kids are creating projects for our Summer Code-A-Thon!

Another nice shout-out: “Tynker is so fun and a great way to introduce coding concepts!”

On the Blog

This week’s Featured Makers were Bella and Asher! Bella looks to her favorite Tynkerers for advice and loves the Tynker community, and Asher told us that he loves to code because it helps him express himself!

We also posted an article about our new AR course, and one about a school in Georgia using Tynker to fulfill their mission of teaching their students to code!

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