Community Highlights: August 31-September 6

Last Updated: September 9, 2019 10:45 am
Community Highlights: August 31-September 6

Community Highlights: August 31-September 6

We’re so excited about all the great projects kids made this week! With our new Tynker Workshop, there are so many new functionalities available–be sure to check it out!

Projects of the Week

Fusion Paradise by Taco
Create your own fusion monster! Take the items from the top of the screen and drag them onto a monster to see what you get!

Deep Sea Math Battle by Aragorn
Be quick on your feet when answering these math questions! Correctly answer to give your submarine some breathing room!

Lego Builder! by twigles
Build your own creation! Alternate colors and shapes to make something cool!

Max and The Secret Cake by rapidshelf931
Here’s a story about Max! You must help him navigate through the story; be careful to make the correct decisions, or you may have to start over!

TheGK v6 by BerryPGz
Survive the wave! Defeat enough enemies to to upgrade your fighter to resist the bigger waves!

Tweets of the Week

These students are practicing their storytelling skills with Tynker! Via Twitter @MrsEmmick

These second graders are starting off their school year with code! Via Twitter @auburnjen1999

Check out how these students are using Tynker in their computing lessons! Via Twitter @AliceSmithSch

On the Blog

Blue Ribbon Educator Denise Wright helped her students win her school district’s technology fair competition with micro:bit! 

It’s here–the NEW Tynker Workshop! With all-new functionalities and features, this is the upgrade you don’t want to miss! 

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Coding helps kids develop key 21st century skills like creativity and confidence!

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