Community Highlights: February 6 – 12

Last Updated: February 13, 2017 3:02 pm
Community Highlights: February 6 – 12

Community Highlights: February 6 – 12

Happy Monday! Here are some of the best things happening in the Tynker community this past week.

Featured Makers

This week, we featured three amazing kids on the Tynker blog: Elisha, Caitlin, and Hayley. You can click on any one of them to learn more about what they’ve made in Tynker and how they use Tynker as a creative platform.

Projects of the Week

bob 4 the bacon accident: In this fun escape game, you need to try different items in the room to see if they’ll help you escape – or if they’ll get you caught.

Remix This Project

chip factory: Starting with a plain potato and go through all the steps to transform it into a bag of “Lais” potato chips!

Remix This Project

Tynker in the News

This week, we were notified that Homeschool Base, a website that recommends homeschooling resources to parents, selected Tynker’s home solution as one of their top 10 educational websites for STEM with their “Purple Stamp of Approval.”

Tweets of the Week

Many classrooms have been using Tynker’s Valentine’s Day coding projects to make Valentine’s Day cards and games. Here’s one classroom in Indiana trying them out:

Fort McMurray Public School District in Alberta, Canada ran a coding competition for their students using Tynker. It looked like a blast. Here are a couple of highlights from Twitter:

To join in on the fun, download the Tynker app for your iPad or Android tablet and start coding!

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Have a great week!

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