Code with Your Child for Father’s Day

Last Updated: June 14, 2021 1:19 pm
Code with Your Child for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a great time for your kids to spend quality time with their father or other important role models or mentors in their lives. Together, they can make a fun coding game about adding mustaches, glasses, hats, and more to their dad’s face.

Your child can follow easy step-by-step instructions to upload a picture of their dad’s face, then draw items that can be added to the face. Now the fun part: they program the items they’ve added so that the person playing the game can resize the items and add them to the face.

You’ll end up with a hilarious and very fun project for Dad so he can try out all sorts of different personal styles.

How to Play: Click the “Change” button to select an item to add to the face, and the “+” or “-” buttons to change the size. Then you can stamp it on the face to add it. Click “Wiggle” for a surprise! When your child makes this project, they can add their own items and a picture of their dad.

Start Tutorial

Looking for more coding activities for Father’s Day? Your child can customize this Father’s Day card!

Teachers, to assign this project to your class:

  1. Log in to your Tynker account.
  2. Click on the “Start Tutorial” button above to open the project.
  3. Save the project to your account.
  4. Go to your “My Projects” section.
  5. Hover over the project you want to assign and click the “Assign+” button.

After your class has finished, don’t forget to create a class showcase of all your students’ projects to share with parents.

Parents, to give this project to your child:

  1. Have your child log in to his/her account.
  2. Click on the “Start Tutorial” button above to open the project.
  3. Save the project.

We love to see what kids are making! Share your Father’s Day projects on Twitter or Facebook and tag us @goTynker.

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