Code a Funny Mad Libs® Story for Mom!

Last Updated: May 8, 2021 4:00 pm
Code a Funny Mad Libs® Story for Mom!

This Mother’s Day, create a hilarious gift that Mom is sure to love – a Mad Libs–style story! Start by writing a story about your mother (or another important role model in your life) explaining why you love her. When you’re done, take out certain words to create blanks – these will be filled in by whoever is using the program. Every time you play the program, you’ll end up with a different story!

The result is a funny yet heartfelt tribute to Mom that’s a blast to share with friends and family. For teachers, this is a great opportunity to integrate coding into Language Arts class; students apply their knowledge of grammar and storytelling to craft a story and figure out the part of speech of the words they’re removing. Parents – try coding this project with your child for some extra Mother’s Day bonding time!

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