Bad Guy Bowling

Tynker Bad Guy Bowling
Last Updated: June 26, 2015 7:13 pm
Bad Guy Bowling

Bad Guy Bowling is a fun multi-level game to build and play. In each level, bad guys are set up like bowling pins, and you get to swing a bowling ball to knock them down. Knock ’em all down in a single strike!

Instructions: Click and drag the ball in the direction you want it to roll. 

Click the green arrow to go to the next level.

Start Building

Ideas for customizing the game:

  1. Add more levels with more bad guys
  2. Design levels with trick shots that bounce off other platforms
  3. Setup the theme with fun backgrounds and music
  4. Challenge: Add scoring and two-turns per player
  5. Challenge: Make a 2-player version, where you take turns to play

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