5 Ways to Get Involved in Your Child’s Education

Last Updated: June 5, 2018 4:00 pm
5 Ways to Get Involved in Your Child’s Education

5 Ways to Get Involved in Your Child’s Education

Getting involved in your child’s education is one of the best ways to help them get ahead! Research shows that students whose parents are involved tend to perform better academically, have fewer behavioral issues, and receive academic attention sooner. Now that schools are closing for the summer, you have more time and opportunities than ever to get involved in your child’s learning. Getting involved now can establish a healthy routine and even prevent learning loss, or the summer slide. Start with these 5 tips today!

  1. Make daily activities educational. Learning doesn’t have to end when school is out! Check out our blog post on 11 free STEM activities to do with your child. You can bake to learn about fractions, cultivate a garden to study science, or engineer a bridge out of all the popsicle sticks that you’re sure to accumulate this summer.
  2. Unplug together. Take time away from devices and prioritize face-to-face family time. Play board games, explore nature, or have a conversation about a new movie you’ve all watched – the important thing is to be in the moment together!
  3. Set clear goals – and help reach them. There’s a strong relationship between academic achievement and parents’ setting expectations for their children. Help your child set goals for their studying, homework, and tests, and work with them to achieve these goals. During the summer or other school breaks, set a reading goal instead!
  4. Use your parent dashboard. Your Tynker dashboard has all the metrics you want in one place. From there, you can track your child’s progress through Tynker’s coding courses and tutorials and see exactly what they’re learning. Reward them when you see great progress, and lend them a helping hand when you notice they’re stuck!
  5. Learn alongside them. With a Tynker plan, your whole family can learn to code together. Connect multiple accounts and complete activities as a family to help each other work through bugs and complicated code. Your child will love having you there learning alongside them!

A Tynker plan makes it easy for busy parents to take an active role in their child’s education. Choose a plan and kick-start your child’s coding education today!

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