Unprompted, Makers Use Tynker to Talk About Respect!

Last Updated: February 9, 2017 5:23 pm
Unprompted, Makers Use Tynker to Talk About Respect!

Unprompted, Makers Use Tynker to Talk About Respect!

Respect is always relevant, but lately kids in the Tynker community have decided to emphasize it with some truly incredible and creative projects showing the importance of respect! This influx of projects about respect was totally unexpected (though thoroughly welcomed) because no moderators or administrators prompted or suggested them. We’re so excited that Tynker users have found a way to use Tynker to influence, inspire, and share their important voices. Featured Maker Layla was inspired by a leadership program at her school, and began posting the first projects about respect. Before we knew it, lots of other creators followed suit! Here are a few of our favorite projects about respect.

Respect, Pass it on

This was the first project about respect, built by Layla! It features Codey, encouraging the Tynker community to create projects about respect.

Kill ’em with kindness

Kill ‘em with kindness is a cool skit that reminds us to show both kindness and respect.


Creator “K” shows us the importance of standing up for people in this colorful project!


Check out this inspiring project about another kind of respect – self-respect!


This project is a cool animated story that shows the difference between respect and disrespect.

Respect, Keep Real

An exciting example of respecting property, created by Layla.

(❤️loveyourself)giving thanks video

This project shows how respect and gratitude can go hand in hand!

Thanks for all your contributions! There can never be too many projects about respect, so we’d love to see more creations that show why you think it’s important! We hope everyone feels comfortable and compelled to create projects that express their opinions and beliefs. Keep Tynkering – you inspire us!

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