Tynker Junior Adds 9 New Creative Projects!

Last Updated: February 20, 2020 12:25 pm
Tynker Junior Adds 9 New Creative Projects!

9 New Creative Projects Added To Tynker Junior!

We’ve just updated our Tynker Junior app with 9 new projects that will inspire your kid’s creativity!

This is a super cool app that lets kids get really creative by combining art, music, games, and animation—with code. There are five themed studios with open-ended coding activities in each one. Kids will be able to create greeting cards, make geometric and modern art, and even design mini-games. And they can do all this in a fun and exciting way with the help of our guided voice tutorials and word-free picture block coding.

Tynker Junior is very popular with pre-readers. Kids have built nearly 200,000 coding projects in the 4 months since we initially launched studios in the app. The studio activities are intended to be sandbox environments where kids can safely compose their programs. There is no right or wrong answer. Any combination of code blocks results in an output. From there, they can debug and improve their creation until they’re happy with it. Using these templates, kids can create multiple versions of projects, and they can all be saved for easy access.

What unique creations will your kids make using code?

Here are some of the new studio activities that kids are sure to be excited about. 

Barbershop Bayou

Who’s ready to code a fun funky beat? In this musical lesson, kids will learn how to code bayou animals (frog, duck, cricket, turtle) to sing! They can choose different animals, choose the music style, select the musical chord, customize the tempo, and more! 

This activity will reinforce sequencing, repetition, and experimentation with code blocks, using parameters. 

Mother’s Day Card

In this activity, kids can design their own Mother’s Day card. After creating the perfect card with the right background and message, they get to design an interactive way of generating flowers for mom

Using a “repeat loop” and a bit of geometry, kids will program/draw a flower. Varying the number of petals, and their types and sizes, with the angle of rotation makes for infinite possibilities to create something unique!

Deep Sea Salvage

Kids will learn to create their own coin collecting game! Players will need to tilt their device left and right to help Gillie the Goldfish or Jules the Jellyfish catch the falling coins. They can even personalize the game by customizing the number of obstacles, choosing a different main character, changing how fast the coins fall, and more! 

This activity reinforces conditional logic, tilt events, sequencing, and how to program several characters together.  

What else can they do?

Tynker Junior offers a total of 18 activities in 5 studio courses. Each activity comes with teacher guides, related unplugged activities, standards mapping, and great prompts for beginner, intermediate and advanced level activities. 

Art Studio

Kids program art.

4 activities: Wild Tracks, Seabed Scribbler, Starfish Spirals, Puff Paint

Music Studio

Kids compose music with code.

4 activities: Octodrum, Pocket Band, Jelly Bash, Barbershop Bayou

Animation Studio

Kids tell stories using code.

4 activities: Day in the Park, Squad Pose, RoboDance, Emoji Chat

Greeting Studio

Kids design greeting cards with code.

3 activities: Birthday Card, Valentine’s Day Card, Mother’s Day Card

Game Studio

Kids hack minigames with code.

3 activities: Deep Sea Salvage, Whack ‘Em, Training Mode

Tynker Junior also includes 5 adventure courses with over 200 coding challenges, while introducing kids to basic programming concepts such as sequencing, conditionals, events, parameters and loops.


About Tynker

Tynker enables children to learn computer programming in a fun and imaginative way. More than 60 million kids worldwide have started learning to code using Tynker.