Tynker Toolbox: New eBook Details Creativity Tools

Last Updated: November 17, 2021 10:04 am
Tynker Toolbox: New eBook Details Creativity Tools

Tynker is excited to announce the release of an all-new ebook with step-by-step guides to our super-productive Creativity Tools! For just $10, this makes a great gift for the aspiring coder in your life.

Want to know all of Tynker’s capabilities? All the cool things to do both big and small and incredible? With our tools, you can draw your own characters, animate them, add music to your project, and much more!

And with our level editor and platformer blocks, you can even create your own jumping games. Just dive right in and learn everything you need to turn your dreams and visions into a reality. Plus, all the tools run right in your browser with nothing to install.

You’ll start with the absolute basics of coding by connecting colorful code blocks to write short and simple programs that move actors on a stage. Next, you’ll learn how Cartesian coordinates work, and how you can precisely layer and control actor movement.

After learning the basics, you’ll begin to explore all of Tynker Workshop’s unique capabilities. Here’s what you’ll do:

  • Take control of Text in your program: Make colorful speech bubbles, give your players a helpful tutorial, or even write poetry with code
  • Play music with code, using the Sound and Synth blocks
  • Draw designs and make colorful patterns using the Pen Blocks. Think: Digital art, spirographs, and much more 
  • Create science simulations and fun games with the Physics blocks
  • Learn how to use Tynker to take control of hardware devices like micro:bit and the Doctor Who Coding Inventor’s Kit
  • Learn top-secret, time-saving coding tricks, like the Expression Builder, Data Debugger, Backpack, Code Navigator, and much more!

Inspired to create your own Tynker projects? Stop wondering about all the cool things you can do with code: Explore everything with this detailed overview of all of Tynker’s amazing coding features.

Design. Code. Play.

Kids will love this ebook! Learn all the amazing tools that Tynker has to offer and read the free tutorials in the Tynker Toolbox series:

  • A Tour of Tynker — Start coding with Tynker by learning how to place actors on a coordinate system and move them around on Stage.
  • The Animation Tool — Learn about custom frame-based animation and bring your programs to life, plus other animation tips and tricks for creating interactive projects. 
  • The Character Creator — Take control of custom rigs using the Animation blocks and learn how to create custom characters, then animate them with code.


  • Text Tricks — Work with speech bubbles and more. Tell your own stories, put on a play, or make a computer write poetry!
  • The Sound Blocks — Play music with code! Add custom sound effects, too. Tynker’s brand new music tool supports MIDI and MP3.
  • The Synth Blocks — Create your own sound effects and instruments! You can create funky disco beats, crunchy dubstep drops, glitchy chiptunes, or instruments from any style of music you can imagine!
  • Code Block Tricks — Think you know everything about code blocks? Think again! Get top-secret ninja tips for writing code fast!
  • Using Extensions — Want to control robots, play with pens, or work with video? Check out all the possibilities in this overview. 
  • The Pen Blocks — Explore the world of math by making your actors draw as they move. Create patterns, draw geometric shapes, and more.
  • The Physics Blocks — Create games or simulations with gravity, collisions, and more. Think Angry Birds and Marble Madness
  • The Augmented Reality Blocks — Want to use video or photos in your programs? Try the AR Blocks, which let you code your own selfie! 
  • The Level Editor & Platformer Blocks — Want to make jumping games in the style of Super Mario or Sonic? With Tynker, creating your own games is a snap. 
  • The Debugger — Finding and fixing bugs is a big part of a programmer’s life so be sure to learn about Tynker’s data debugger and get bug-fixing tips.

More Tynker!

While you’re at it, check out Tynker’s other two eBooks:

  1. Code These Games — Code & Play 15 incredible interactive games like Soarin’ Strawberry, Cupcake Clicker, and Star Runner that run right in your browser with nothing to install.
  1. Code This Art — Code & Design 18 super-cool art projects like greeting cards, poems, and create colorful abstract art, all right in your browser with nothing to install.

Looking for more coding activities? Check out our Course Catalog.

We can’t wait to see what your child will create with code!


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