10 Essential Minecraft Things Every Player Should Know

Last Updated: June 11, 2024 12:57 pm
10 Essential Minecraft Things Every Player Should Know
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No matter how much time you’ve spent in Minecraft’s vast world, there’s always something valuable to pick up. From experts to novices alike, understanding some must-know Minecraft things will enhance your gameplay experience significantly.

From how to create blocks, item additions, fools items, joke items, April fools items, unimplemented items, crafting the perfect tools, item frame, spawn eggs, removed items, to building incredible structures and so much more, these Minecraft things tips and tricks will help you become a true Minecraft master. So grab your pickaxe, and let’s get started!

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Essential Minecraft Things Tips and Tricks

Want to up your Minecraft game? I’ve covered you with these essential Minecraft things tips and tricks that’ll make your gameplay more efficient and fun.

These are the secrets I’ve learned from years of playing and experimenting with all kinds of Minecraft things. Trust me, they work like a charm.

Blast-Proof Chests

Tired of your chests exploding and losing all your precious items? Here’s a simple trick: waterlog them. That’s right; placing a chest in water makes it blast-proof.

No more worrying about creepers or TNT ruining your storage. It’s a game-changer player advantage.

Slow Falling Potions

Exploring ancient cities and don’t want to trigger those pesky Skulk shriekers and sensors? Brew yourself a slow falling potion.

It’ll help you navigate those tricky areas without setting off any alarms. Trust me, it’s a lifesaver.

Chest Boat Utility

The chest boat from the 1.19 update is a game-changer for transporting items. No more making multiple trips or using hopper minecarts.

Are you serious about optimizing your Minecraft world? Furnace arrays can help create super-efficient setups, giving you an edge by speeding up crucial tasks like smelting ores or cooking food.

Trimming Vines with Shears

Overgrown cave vines, kelp, and weeping vines can be a real pain. But did you know you can trim them with shears?

Yep, it’s that easy. Just snip away and keep those pesky plants under control.

Fast Elevators with Ice

Create your own fast elevator with minimal effort. Simply combine some trusty items such as ice blocks and some magical properties from the mystical world using soul sand to see it work wonders in no time.

Pillar up the ice, place the soul sand at the bottom and mine the ice on your way down. Boom, instant water elevator.

I’ve learned so much about Minecraft through trial and error over time. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new ideas; it’s part of the fun. Have a great time creating.

Advanced Building Techniques

Ready to take your Minecraft builds to the next level? These advanced techniques will help you plan, construct, and optimize your creations like a pro.

I’ve spent endless time honing these strategies and am excited to share them with you. Let’s get started.

Planning Builds with Wool

One of the biggest mistakes I see beginners make is diving into a build without proper planning. That’s where wool comes in handy.

Use different colors of wool to outline your build before you start placing blocks. It’ll help you avoid costly mistakes and save resources in the long run.

Simplifying Builds with Command Blocks

Command blocks are a powerful tool for simplifying large-scale builds. You can save and place entire structures with just a few commands.

It’s a huge time-saver, especially for complex Minecraft things like castles or cities. Just be careful not to overuse them and take the fun out of building.

Spawning Flowers with Bone Meal

Want to add some color to your builds? Try using bone meal on flowers to spawn more of the same type nearby.

It’s a quick and easy way to create beautiful gardens and landscapes without gathering many flowers.

Hidden Water Sources

Water sources are essential for many builds, but they can be unsightly. That’s where waterlogged slabs come in.

Place a slab on top of a water source block, and it’ll blend seamlessly into your floor while providing the water you need. Genius.

Efficient Mining with TNT

Mining for resources can be tedious, especially for large-scale projects. But did you know you can use TNT to speed things up?

Place TNT in a strategic pattern, light it up, and watch as it clears out huge areas of blocks in seconds. Just be sure to have a water bucket handy to put out any fires.

These advanced techniques have saved me countless hours and resources over the years. Try them and see how they can improve your Minecraft builds.

Creative Uses for Items

One of the things I love most about Minecraft is how versatile the items are. With a little creativity, you can use them in unexpected ways to gain advantages and streamline your gameplay.

Here are some of my favorite creative uses for common Minecraft things:

Defensive Boats

Boats aren’t just for transportation – they can also be used as a defensive mechanism against hostile mobs.

Place an oak boat, birch boat, acacia boat, jungle boat, dark oak boat, cherry boat, mangrove boat, or spruce boat in front of your base or in tight spaces to prevent mobs like creepers and endermen from getting too close. They’ll get stuck in the boat, giving you time to take them out safely.

Convenience of Multiple Ender Chests

Ender chests are great for storing items you don’t want to lose, but did you know you can carry multiple of them?

Craft a few extra ender chests and keep them in your player’s inventory for easy access to your items wherever you go. No more wasting time crafting new chests or running back to your base.

Trapping Mobs with Honey Blocks

Honey blocks are sticky, which makes them perfect for trapping mobs. Place them around your villager trading halls to protect them from zombies and other threats.

You can also use honey blocks to create traps for hostile mobs like creepers and skeletons. Just lure them in and watch them get stuck.

Mining Deep Slate with Withers

Deep slate is a tough block to mine, but did you know you can use withers to do the job for you?

Summon a wither in an area with lots of deep slate, and let it blast away the blocks for you. Just be sure to have a way to contain or defeat the wither when it’s done.

Music Discs from Skeleton Assists

Music discs are fun collectibles but can be tricky to obtain. One way to get them is to have a skeleton shoot a creeper for you.

Lure a creeper into range of a skeleton, then dodge out of the way and let the skeleton finish the job. If you’re lucky, the creeper will drop a music disc.

There are countless ways to use Minecraft items creatively. Experiment by combining them in unexpected ways, and you might be surprised at the clever solutions you’ll find.

Enhancing Gameplay Efficiency

As much as I love exploring and building in Minecraft, I’m always looking for ways to be more efficient and streamline my gameplay. Over the years, I’ve discovered some handy tricks that have saved me time and effort.

Here are some of my top tips for enhancing your gameplay efficiency:

Preset Hop Bars in Creative Mode

If you’re a creative mode player, you know how tedious it can be to constantly search for the items you need in the inventory menu. That’s where preset hop bars come in.

This tool effortlessly stores inventory setups, such as shulker boxes brimming with customized heads or whatever else is in-game. Such convenience saves loads of time and enhances your build efficiency.

Versatility of Hoes

Hoes are one of the most underrated tools in Minecraft, but they have so many uses beyond just farming.

You can use them to break down hay bales, mine blocks affected by bone meal or moss, and even break down catalysts, shriekers, and skulk sensors in ancient cities. Don’t underestimate the humble hoe.

Using Signs as Reminders

It’s easy to get distracted or forget what you were working on in Minecraft, especially if juggling multiple projects. That’s where signs come in handy.

Place signs around your world to remind you of what you must do or where you left off. It’s a simple but effective way to stay organized and on track.

Trading Dirt Blocks for Emeralds

Dirt is one of the most abundant resources in Minecraft, but did you know you can trade it for emeralds?

Craft dirt into clay blocks and trade them with stone mason villagers for emeralds. This is a great way to earn extra cash without having to mine for rare ores.

Speed Bridging with Swift Sneak Enchantment

Bridging across gaps can be a slow and tedious process, but the Swift Sneak enchantment can help speed things up.

With this upgrade, you can sneak as fast as you run. Perfect for rapidly setting up blocks or constructing bridges while staying out of sight from the monsters lurking in ancient cities.

Improving at Minecraft things involves constant experimentation. Don’t hesitate to try various tips—each might boost your productivity and enjoyment while playing.

Key Takeaway: Boost your Minecraft game with these essential tips: waterlog chests for blast-proof storage, use slow-falling potions in ancient cities, and transport items efficiently with chest boats. Trim overgrown vines using shears, create fast elevators with ice and soul sand, plan builds with wool outlines, simplify projects using command blocks, and mine faster using TNT. To streamline the game environment, utilize creative items like defensive boats, glow item frames, armor stands, armor slots, ender pearls, or honey block traps.


Minecraft is a game that never stops surprising us with its depth and complexity. By mastering these essential Minecraft things, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a true pro.

Remember, the key to success in Minecraft is experimentation and creativity. Don’t be afraid to try new things and push the boundaries of what’s possible. With these tips and tricks, you’ll quickly build incredible structures and craft powerful tools.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start exploring Minecraft’s endless possibilities with Tynker!

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