JavaScript and Python Made Easy: Just Drag, Connect, and Run!

JavaScript and Python Made Easy: Just Drag, Connect, and Run!
Last Updated: February 22, 2017 12:13 pm

JavaScript and Python Made Easy:

Just Drag, Connect, and Run!

At Tynker, we’re all about making coding fun and accessible for kids. That’s why we’re so excited to announce that we’ve just released a new feature that makes the transition between block coding and text coding even easier. All Tynker puzzles now allow kids to move fluidly between visual blocks, JavaScript, and Python as they code.

We’ve also redesigned the Tynker blocks, making them brighter and easier to read.

How It Works

Our new hybrid puzzles are available for free on any computer, but are not currently available on the Tynker app. Your students can go to any of the Tynker puzzles they love, like Candy Quest or Code Monsters. At the bottom left of any puzzle (except the introductory puzzle for each set), they’ll see the option to switch between Tynker Blocks, JavaScript, and Python.

code blocks

When they switch to JavaScript or Python, they’re still dragging and dropping commands, making this a perfect intermediary step between block coding and full text coding.

  • Students get used to seeing real JavaScript and Python syntax sooner
  • Kids make connections between the blocks they use in Tynker and commands in JavaScript and Python
  • It’s easy to debug your code and hard to make syntax errors
  • Kids can fluidly switch back and forth between Tynker blocks, JavaScript, and Python as they solve puzzles
  • Students within a single classroom can differentiate based on their comfort level, choosing for themselves which mode they prefer

Making the Transition to Text Coding

Tynker courses start kids with block-based coding and build them all the way to full JavaScript and Python coding. Here’s how kids learn with Tynker:

1. Start with block-based coding puzzles that introduce programming logic.
2. Kids move to an open-ended coding studio, where they use our block-based coding language to make games, animations, and storytelling projects.
3. New hybrid puzzles introduce kids to JavaScript and Python syntax in a structured, drag-and-drop environment.
4. In our full JavaScript and Python puzzle sets, kids type out commands instead of using drag-and-drop blocks.
5. Tynker’s JavaScript and Python courses (for school and home) teach kids to build their own real games and projects using the full text-based coding languages.

Try it out for yourself – and let us know how you like the new JavaScript and Python blocks!

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