Community Highlights: September 14-20

Last Updated: September 23, 2019 11:41 am
Community Highlights: September 14-20

Community Highlights: September 14-20

Check out this week’s top tweets, projects, and blog mentions from your Tynker community!

Projects of the Week

D Stick Quest by Savage111

Collect all the stars to get to the final boss! Your main goal is to retrieve one of the crystals that have been stolen.

Bob 2 by SweetishPython

Bob is your friend. You can do many different sorts of activities with Bob, from building a snowman to playing Pong!

Basketball Throw 1 by futuristicleaf975

There are different game settings that you can choose to shoot your shot! Either choose ‘practice’ or ‘quick toss’ to accumulate a certain amount of points.

Card Wars: The Beginning 1 by goldenhug160

Beat out your opponent by dishing out cards that are more powerful than theirs!

Fruit Warrior by DiamondDestroyer

Defeat the fruit! Use the coins that you obtain from fighting off the evil produce and improve your warrior.

Tweets of the Week

These students are solving problems and collaborating while coding! Via Twitter @EbersoleSDoL

“Friday is for figuring out”! Via Twitter @AudraB_EdTech

Tell people about your summer vacation–with code! Via Twitter @pcteachershs

Time for drone flight school! Via Twitter @MissField5

How did you celebrate National Coding Week? Via Twitter @taylort_t

On the Blog

This month’s Woman in STEM is Helen Greiner, artificial intelligence expert and co-founder of iRobot!

Featured Maker Jacko develops his resilience through coding! 

We’re thrilled to announce that you can now code your micro:bit with Tynker Blocks in the all-new Tynker Workshop!

This week’s featured Blue Ribbon Educator is Paul Rayner, who uses authentic problems for authentic learning!

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