Code This micro:bit! Tynker’s Newest eBook

Last Updated: November 21, 2022 10:23 am
Code This micro:bit! Tynker’s Newest eBook

You know you can make cool animations and games with Tynker, but did you know that you can take control of hardware devices with block code too?

In Tynker’s latest ebook, you’ll explore micro:bit, a programmable microcontroller from BBC that can be used to create micro:bit projects.

The micro:bit makes learning about physical computing easy. This microprocessor already understands Tynker block code and comes with amazing onboard features — buttons, an accelerometer, input/output pins, and much more. Deploy your Tynker block code wirelessly, right from a web browser. 

Start with the basics: Use micro:bit code to make a simple scorekeeper, flipbook, and other easy projects. Then move onto more advanced projects harnessing the micro:bit’s sensors — and learn how to attach devices like motors and speakers! What will you invent?

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What’s Inside? 

You’ll find 20 simple projects suitable for absolute beginners. Learn everything that Tynker can do with your micro:bit download! You’ll also find a troubleshooting guide and computer science glossary.

micro:bit Basics

Explore all the parts of the micro:bit and write some simple micro coding programs to get the hang of coding hardware projects.

micro:bit Projects

Explore some more advanced micro:bit make code programs that make use of conditionals, variables, and sensor data.

Music and Noisemakers

Make a racket with your micro:bit! Connect a speaker or use your micro:bit V2’s onboard speaker to play notes, songs, and sound effects. 

Falling Frequency!

Sensors, Motors, and Radio

Take your micro:bit to its limits, with extra sensors, using the onboard radio, or even adding a servo motor! You’ll also explore the onboard light sensor and microphone. 

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Design. Code. Create. Kids will love this hands-on ebook! Over 100 pages of easy, step-by-step instructions. Complete 20 hardware coding projects that run right in your browser, with nothing to install.

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What’s Required? 

Follow along with your own micro:bit. Tynker’s coding environment is compatible with both micro:bit Versions 1 and 2 (sometimes abbreviated as V2). The hardware device is not provided. Find a local store to buy the micro:bit device here:

This book is unofficial and not endorsed by the Micro:bit Educational Foundation. 

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