Check Out What Tynker Coders Have Accomplished in the Spirit of The Olympics!

Last Updated: August 5, 2021 10:23 am
Check Out What Tynker Coders Have Accomplished in the Spirit of The Olympics!

As the world turned its attention to the heart-warming stories and incredible achievements of its Olympic athletes, young coders at Tynker began doing some amazing things of their own in the spirit of the games for our annual Tynker Summer Code Jam.

For example, check out how Happy Day expresses their creativity in this incredible project called Be an Olympian, which has 5 different games all in one project and lets you train competitors for their Olympic events. This project makes excellent use of Tynker’s levels tool; a big project like this one benefits massively from the ease of organization alone. Happy Day createss a mini-game for each sport, and you can easily navigate between them. The instructions are clear, and the interactions between the player and the games are smooth.

This is a Swimming & Diving project by EllaCupcake with custom art and a great tutorial! This is an excellent example of game design. This project also makes excellent use of levels. The project does keyboard interactions well and has simple but effective animation. Great use of events, too! EllaBupcake also made sure the player can’t cheat – very creative! Check out their gif:

If you love basketball, this next project by A Person Who Codes is called Tynker Basketball Championship. This project has impressive and cute animations! The physics engine is used exceptionally well as they coded a velocity block which causes the basketball to shoot up in the air. It’s a delightful game! Here is a gif of the project, but if you’d like to see it in full, click here.

Do you love to play soccer? Did you know that outside of the United States, the rest of the world calls soccer football? Here’s a project by Lily that she calls Football Sport. Using code to create art is a beautiful thing, and Lily’s project is an excellent example. Lily emulatess a bunch of complicated art techniques with the help of some well-thought-out code. The use of timing and animations makes a very creative project that captures a moment in time. Check out the gif:

Our Code Jam Participants did an Amazing Job!

Elderly Lizard created a really cool project about their favorite Olympic sport, The Discus Throw, with an animated opening using Tynker’s pen blocks. There is a great use of coding concepts like variables, messages, loops, lists, and functions. Elderly Lizard also does an excellent job with the introduction! It looks just like the tutorials we make here at Tynker! Using events to create clones for the demonstration is a nice touch, and using pen blocks to draw the Olympics sport. The spin animation is the icing on the cake!

Silent Tadpole created a winter skiing project using the left and right arrows to navigate down the mountain. It is an excellent idea to implement tench running and skiing. With this project, you dodge trees that use change size and move blocks to make it seem like the trees are running at you. If you wipe out, don’t worry. There’s a cup of hot chocolate waiting for you at the lodge. Another super creative idea! Check out their gif:

Coding teaches children the skills to understand various computer programming languages such as JavaScript, Python, HTML, CSS, and visual blocks. Learning to code may appear to be difficult, but the emergence of visual coding platforms like Tynker makes learning to code not just easy but fun.

Next is a project from Digital Jedi called Men’s 8 Rowing Finals, which has great custom artwork. Digital Jedi has great use of high-level concepts! The program uses conditionals to select players, and the game logic is well-organized using functions. Choose your country and compete or watch each team row to reach the finish line! Here’s a gif:

Finally, here’s a project by Cake Protecter called Weirdest Race, a great animation with funny jokes too. Cake Protector has a fun animation using “say”, “event” and “wait” blocks to deliver wonderful comedic timing. Here’s the gif:

Check out all the ideas in the Tynker community and give your child a jump start with code! We can’t wait to see what your child will create!


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