Resources for Learning to Code

  • Last Updated: September 29, 2023 10:00 am

    Beyond the Screen – The Real Benefits of Coding for Kids

    The Cognitive Benefits of Coding for Kids Coding offers a multitude of cognitive benefits for kids that extend far...

  • Last Updated: August 25, 2023 2:12 pm

    Talking with Technology: How AI Powers Alexa and Siri

    In our digitally driven era, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has woven its way into the fabric of our daily lives,...

  • Last Updated: August 18, 2023 3:26 pm

    Unleash Your Child’s Coding Potential with Minecraft

    Imagine if your child could unlock their coding potential while immersed in endless possibilities. A place where creativity meets...

  • Last Updated: April 6, 2023 10:57 am

    How to Make a Minecraft Mod

    Introducing Minecraft modding for kids! Tynker’s engaging and user-friendly learning platform empowers children to develop Minecraft mods, program drones,...

  • Last Updated: April 5, 2023 2:00 pm

    How to Teach Variables to Kids

    You can think of programming variables for kids as a box that contains something. You can open the box...

  • Last Updated: April 5, 2023 1:49 pm

    Make Your Own Video Game for Kids!

    Kids love to play video games. That much is obvious. But wouldn’t it be cool if they could make...

  • Last Updated: April 5, 2023 1:43 pm

    Coding For Teenagers: 5 Great Reasons to Code!

    Now is the perfect time to start exploring computer science and coding, especially for teens thinking about their future—whether...

  • Last Updated: April 5, 2023 1:17 pm

    How to Explain Algorithms to Kids

    This is Part 1 of a series on kids learning about algorithms. Algorithm for kids: Definition, Examples, Benefits and...

  • Last Updated: April 5, 2023 1:16 pm

    Why Every Child Needs To Learn Code in 2023

    Today more than ever, coding is a base requirement in numerous careers, an essential skill that will be even...