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  • Last Updated: September 26, 2023 10:43 am

    Featured Maker Anton: Wants to be a Doctor!

    Meet our newest Featured Maker, 7-year-old Anton from England! Anton likes to play and go to museums. Amazing! Anton...

  • Last Updated: September 22, 2023 11:37 am

    When Should Your Child First Meet A Computer?

    Today’s world is digital. From the way we communicate and learn to how we entertain ourselves and work, computers...

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    How Can Your Child Get Started Coding?

    In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, coding skills have become a valuable asset, much like learning a new language or...

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    Finding the Perfect Age for Kids to Begin Their Coding Journey

    As technology plays an increasingly important role in our lives, coding has become a crucial skill for children to...

  • Last Updated: September 8, 2023 3:36 pm

    New and Improved! Tynker’s Character Builder

    If you’ve been coding with Tynker for a while now, you might have noticed that Tynker has several kinds...

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    10 Reasons Why Minecraft Is So Irresistible to Kids!

    Are you ready to uncover the secret behind Minecraft’s irresistible allure for kids? Prepare to dive into the ultimate...

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    Unleash Your Child’s Coding Potential with Minecraft

    Imagine if your child could unlock their coding potential while immersed in endless possibilities. A place where creativity meets...

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    Discover What’s New at Tynker Coding for Kids!

    As we welcome the new school year, it’s exciting to share that our coding program has expanded remarkably. Our...

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    Six Essential Tips Back to School Tips for Parents

    The end of summer marks a time of change for parents and children. As the days get shorter, the...