Community Highlights: November 4 – November 10

Community Highlights: November 4 – November 10
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Community Highlights: November 4 – November 10

Happy Monday! Last week, we saw hundreds of fantastic projects, so it was difficult to narrow it down to just four! Play through the projects and see what kids can do with Tynker – they truly impress us.

Projects of the Week:

How to Create Animations! – This project explains how to create frame-based animations in Tynker!

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StickMan Adventures:Lv.1,Pt.2 – A stickman embarks on a heroic journey.

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S.S 7 Part 1: The Beginning – Your space station has crashed. Will you survive?

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Metal Detecting! – Use a metal detector and dig for items. Who knows what you will find?

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Tweets of the Week:

This principal is coding – love it!

These after-school coding club attendees have the biggest smiles!

Sometimes we get a little jealous when we see photos of kids coding at school – just look how fun this drone activity looks!

Some adorable first-graders having fun with Tynker.

Peer teaching meets Tynker in this tweet.

On the Blog:

Not one, but two fantastic makers were featured on our blog this week, Cheyanne and Keira! They both have big dreams – in the future, Cheyanne wants to create the next Google, and Keira wants to “become a knee doctor, that way I can help my mom and grandma’s knees.”

We posted our fifth Women in STEM article; this week’s edition focuses on Radia Perlman. She’s often hailed as “Mother of the Internet,” but she doesn’t like the nickname!

Our article “How to Teach Your Kids to Code With Tynker” also went live this week.

Tynker in the News:

Nibletz posted this article about Tynker, highlighting “making,” teacher/parent involvement, the “A” in “STEAM,” and how learning to code doesn’t have to mean becoming a programmer!

Keep contributing the Tynker community! Parents and teachers can connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the Tynker Community Forum. Kids can start learning to code and creating for free with the Tynker app for iPads and Android tablets or by playing our Hour of Code activities!

Tynker enables children to learn computer programming in a fun and imaginative way. More than 60 million kids worldwide have started learning to code using Tynker.

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