Community Highlights: May 12 – May 18

Coding for Kids
Community Highlights: May 12 – May 18

Community Highlights: May 12 – May 18

It’s Monday, which means we get to bring you the best of the Tynker community! From cool clicker projects to end-of-year recap tweets, the Tynker community has been busy creating and sharing. Don’t miss this week’s great user-made games like Dragon’s Tail or Cooking Boo!

Projects of the Week

Awesomeness clicker by rycbarm.13

This clicker game lets you spread awesomeness in a boring world.

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I NEED SPEED by Adored Opossum

This project lets you practice driving around a circuit as fast as you can. Try not to drive off of the road!

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My Project 1 by Magdalene

This project contains three different drawing tutorials!

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Monster Clicker by keilanis16

Click the egg to hatch a monster, then click the monster to earn monster points and acquire more monsters.

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My COOKING Boo by Jasmine

This game lets you practice cooking shrimp with the friendly character Boo.

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Dragon’s tail v2 by 🍫🐱Kit Cat🐱🍫

In this game, you have a bird’s eye view of your dragon. Your task is to collect tail segments for your dragon without hitting the walls.

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Tweets of the Week

These kids are enjoying flying a drone with Tynker in their school library!

Awesome! This student returned to his 3rd grade classroom to explain the code behind his Tynker project.

Love this – teachers like to code, too!

This classroom creatively used Tynker to study Greek mythology.

We love this display of perseverance! 

This coding club created 110 projects this year!

These cute little kindergarteners are coding and “putting their thinking caps on”!

Very cool – older students are teaching younger ones to code!

Cute selfie from the last day of coding club!

On the Blog

This week’s Featured Makers were Jesse and Boyan. Jesse builds water reticulation systems in his free time and said, “Other kids should try coding because coding is really fun – Tynker makes it fun!” Boyan spoke to the difference between playing games and making them. “When you make a game there are a lot of possibilities, but when you play it you’re limited.”

We also posted our tips for parents regarding online safety – check them out!


Keep contributing to the Tynker community! Parents and teachers can connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the Tynker Community Forum. Kids can start learning to code and creating for free with the Tynker app for iPads and Android tablets or by playing our Hour of Code activities!

Tynker enables children to learn computer programming in a fun and imaginative way. More than 60 million kids worldwide have started learning to code using Tynker.

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