Community Highlights: June 8th-14th

Community Highlights: June 8th-14th

Community Highlights: June 8th-14th

We’re heading into summer here at Tynker, and that means fun events like our annual Code-a-Thon (sign up now at! This past week, we saw some great projects from our users and tweets about using drones in the classroom. We featured Tynker Blue Ribbon Educator Paige Besthoff and encouraged our community to try our new Father’s Day project, Burger Bonanza. Read on to learn more!

Projects of the Week

Lumberjack by Xaviergamer
The only thing missing is your red flannel shirt! Navigate around the map to chop up some wood and build your city. The blue arrow at the top right constantly points towards your home so you never get lost.

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Hungry Shark! by darkcheeta

Feed your hunger by eating the other fish, but definitely avoid the plastic!

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Cat Simulator The Original by Sophie
Dress up, play with, and take your cat out to the sea or even a concert! This user coded a cat simulator and every time you play with your cat, it makes an animated face to show whether they like the activity or not.

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Boss Fight: Mad Mew Mew by Titus

Avoid all the blue when you can! This may seem hard, but it is beatable. Control your heart; it may take a couple go-arounds to win.

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Tweets of the Week

Check out this student-created drone obstacle course! Via Twitter @DeannPoleon

These students experimented with drones and pseudocode. Via Twitter @wehs_vgd

How does Tynker help your students learn to code? Via Twitter @sylvainetremb

Drones + Tynker = A great way to help students learn how code works! Via Twitter @AMSCharlesTech

On the Blog

Tynker Blue Ribbon Educator Paige Besthoff knows it’s vital for students to learn to code at a young age. Learn more about how she teaches coding to elementary students!

Celebrate Father’s Day with this fun burger-building game, Burger Bonanza! Kids will see how their code affects their game as they practice key programming concepts.

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