Community Highlights July 6-12

Community Highlights July 6-12

Community Highlights: July 6-12

There’s so much happening in the Tynker community, from fun events like the Wild Minecraft Code-a-Thon to stellar projects and tweets from our users and educators. Read on to learn more!

Projects of the Week

Bug Ball by kevinwong0318

Welcome to Bug Ball! Choose either one or two players and try to get the ladybug past the frog.

Tennis World by teky-student63

Wimbledon is calling! Beat your opponent in this tennis match by using the appropriate keys.

Cops and Robbers by bamiscool

Run from the cops and collect as much money as you can!

Seahorse Salon by thehaircaregirl

Choose to be either a customer or a worker in the Seahorse Salon. Style the customer or choose what you would like!

First Person Survival Horror 1.07 Demo by Elektrikkz

The power goes out and you are left alone in the dark. Figure out a way to survive and make use of what you have!

Tweets of the Week

This teacher won a Parrot MiniDrone from Tynker at CSTA! Congratulations to @ChiRoboticsGirl and other educators who won drones this year. Via Twitter @ChiRoboticsGirl

This teacher chooses to get student input during coding camp. What a great approach to working with students! Via Twitter @Javarich

Check out how these students are learning how to debug in Tynker! Via Twitter @missbutt_

On the Blog

Featured Maker Henry helps his friends learn to code and gets inspiration from the Tynker community!

This month’s Woman in STEM is Mary Lou Jepsen, who is changing the way medical professionals gather information about our bodies through wearable imaging technology!

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