Thank You For An Amazing Year! 2019 Year In Review

Thank You For An Amazing Year! 2019 Year In Review

Thank You For An Amazing Year! 2019 Year In Review

Tynker has now introduced more than 60 million kids to coding! 

Meanwhile, your Tynker subscription is getting better and better because, well, we’ve been Tynker’ing.

Here’s What All The Excitement Is About:

NASA Coding Challenges

We announced the 5 winners of the Forward to the Moon Mission Patch Design Challenge, after which their classrooms had a chance to speak with experts from NASA, asking questions about space travel and their next missions! This is just one of our Moon 2 Mars Challenges – based on real NASA space missions. How cool is that?

United Nations Sustainability Development Projects

New meaningful content! Based on goals set by the United Nations Sustainability Development, Tynker is introducing new activities for an Hour of Code project. The final date to participate in the webinar is Wednesday December 4th. Hour of Code is part of Tynker’s initiative to support a community of teachers trying to bring code and computer science to every student. Even if you miss the webinar, you can still register to participate by clicking here!

Minecraft Code-A-Thon

Way past cool! Tynker combined forces with Minecraft and BOOM. . . This year’s theme was Biodiversity, so we focused our coding challenges on habitats around the globe, from the Great Plains of North America to the forests of Africa! 8 summer weeks of kids learning about the amazing species on our planet while using their creativity and critical thinking to code.

We can’t wait for even more exciting coding opportunities next year! (to go alongside past partnerships with Hot Wheels, Barbie, NASA, and now, of course Minecraft). What a start! Try Minecraft Code-a-Thon challenges.

Micro:bit Support

Tynker added 2 new Microbit courses! The first in August, which teaches kids how to use Micro-Python to program a mini computer called a micro:bit. Kids were able to create their own gizmos with motion sensors, LEDs, temperature sensors and motors. And in September, Tynker Workshop, so that kids can build micro:bit programs using Tynker Blocks. Block coding is a great option for anyone who wants to start experimenting with a micro:bit programmable computer, whether to build a robot or design a game. Check them out!

New Course – Web Development 101

Tynker was also thrilled to offer a new course in Web Development, teaching kids to create and host their own websites. Using the two standard web languages HyperText Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) together, they will learn to design and craft their own web pages with code. There are no prerequisites for this course. We recommend Intro to Web Development for ages 12+.

7 New Icon-Based Courses For Pre-Readers!

Kids can learn to code before they can read. With our app Tynker Junior, pre-readers “tap” out computer code as they rescue endangered animals, build their own aquariums, and join a superhero league to fight villains in a series of awesome adventures. You can download Tynker Junior now!

Maker Stories

In 2019, we raised the bar on our Maker Stories, in which our Tynker team interviews a Featured Maker from one of our best published projects. Go to our blog and find what inspires these young coders to create!

New Minecraft Mobs

Tynker added new Minecraft Mobs! Did you know that Tynker Minecraft mobs created by our community can be customized, saved, and deployed on your kids own private Minecraft server? If so, then you know that we’ve made quite a few kids very very happy this year.

Better Tynker Workshop

We’ve also upgraded our Tynker Workshop with a modern look and feel that kids can customize, and a new drawing tool that supports making animations, as well as a level editor.

The creativity never stops with Tynker! And we continue to add super fun weekly projects in Block Coding, JavaScript and Python!

Come! Have a look around. See what we did in 2019. And be prepared to join us for an even bigger and better 2020!


Tynker enables children to learn computer programming in a fun and imaginative way. More than 60 million kids worldwide have started learning to code using Tynker.