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Tynkermon, a project made by Clicker Games using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Art, Animation, Cool / Wow, Simulator, Photo, Social, My News, Music


basic math, simple variables, variables, miscellaneous, simple conditionals, delays, advanced math, string handling

  • #Lines:2560
  • #Actors:61
  • #Costumes:79
  • #Scripts:268

Text Snippets

  • what is your name
  • to get your own tynkermon in the game create a project with your tynkermon in it and include any shineys or evolution for it or i will make some for you. then publish the project with the name #tynkermon and i will put it in the game and you will be in the credits!
  • number of pokemon
  • full game will be released on december 25th(could be a bit longer because the game has to be reviewed)
  • adventurous music
  • active tynkermon
  • Adventurous Music
  • pick your starter
  • player pokemon spot
  • starter cooser background
  • are you a boy or a girl
  • encounter chance
  • this is tall grass!
  • enemy pokemon spot
  • a wild furball attacks!
  • furball did 1 damage
  • wormek did 1 damage
  • a wild wormek attack!
  • a wild catterpiller attacks!
  • catterpiller did 1 damage
  • gust - flying - 5 mana
  • peck - flying - 7 mana
  • bite - dark - 6 mana
  • enemy tynkermon name
  • player tynkermon name
  • by clicker games
  • a wild sunpup attacks!
  • sunpup did 1 damage
  • my furball can beat you!
  • youngster joey challenges you to a battle.
  • you can rebattle trainers after 2 minutes.
  • come try again after two minutes.
  • changelog version 1.0.3. changelog added. bug fixes. new tynkermon. teaser added. 2 new tynkermon!
  • changelog version 1.0.3
  • teaser background
  • a wild cornal attacks!
  • cornal did 1 damage
  • a wild hexabee attacks!
  • hexabee did 1 damage