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THE BOOK, a project made by Grown Vulture using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Funny, Storytelling


input/output, simple messaging, visibility, advanced costume handling, simple motion, resize actor, delays, simple events, direction and turning, miscellaneous, program control, basic math, simple conditionals

  • #Lines:260
  • #Actors:7
  • #Costumes:9
  • #Scripts:50

Text Snippets

  • you should not be here
  • you woke up, the book!
  • circle of magicians
  • there were magicians, they used magic, they believed if they threw magic into space it would give them good luck. humans thought otherwise.
  • the way they reached space is, they used was a large circular portal. many call it the circle of magicians.
  • one day as the magic went through space it hit a comet.
  • the magic was so strong it turned the comet so it would face earth!
  • it traveled, and traveled...
  • hundreds of people
  • on that particular day hundreds of people gathered for the feast of magicians.
  • this is were they believed the magicians magic would come to earth, and change to food for them.
  • they waited for hours..
  • soon they realized the food/magic wasn't coming
  • hundred of people panicking
  • everyone panicked
  • no one saw the comet, until it was to late...
  • to everyone's suprise no one died!
  • but they did realize something...
  • hundred of people powers
  • they were glowing with powers...
  • people wanted to celebrate, but then they saw the different ones...
  • some were still human, and others...
  • others were turned into demons
  • the people who had no powers and the demons went there seprate ways so both could make there own kingdom
  • the people with powers decided to make there own kingdom
  • the kingdom was finally complete!
  • the people with different powers were in there categorized city's/towns
  • the demons and humans finished there kingdom to!
  • the people who had powers named there kingdom the dead hood kingdom.
  • the humans and demons named there kingdom, the black death
  • there were kings and queens
  • queen calandra of nature
  • king charles of technology
  • king xana of minerals
  • queen beth of water
  • king domon, of demons
  • king karl, of humans
  • end of part one of the legendary story of the book
  • will clandra, xana, beth, and charles find out the truth
  • will they capture the human thief who steels the deliverys?
  • find out when the book wakes up!
  • (to wake him up like this project) :)
  • so, you came here for the story.
  • so, i see your determined to hear the legendary story i have...
  • but do not interrupt me, or you will have to leave!
  • wait, let me take a moment
  • hey, i just woke up! would you like it if a stranger came out of no where and woke you up and was asking for a story?
  • okay, the story is true, this happened long ago...
  • sorry but i'm tired...
  • why are you here? did you not see the sign?
  • okay, we need more supplies!
  • charles, beth, xana we need the supplies!
  • charles we mostly need your supplies for the upcoming war against the demons and humans!
  • okay, i will provide food for the kingdom. beth provide water for the kingdom and for xana's minerals. xana provide minerals for charles's technology and armor, and charles provide armor for every one, including those who are not battling!
  • my people say they haven't got there supplies yet! what, are you guys doing? rebeling?! we need the supplies! where is it?! don't we work together? is it to hard too leave the supplies at the doors of my people?
  • we need water beth! we'll die if we don't get water!we need supplies without them we will not stand a chance against the humans and demons!
  • okay, but theres others in my kingdom!
  • and i need supplies from xana!
  • i leave the supplies at the door knock then run to do other delivery's! i never recieve any minerals! i have to use what i've had left over from other days!
  • we need the food too, calandra!
  • hey i need beth's water to help me grow minerals
  • i leave my minerals at your door! i knock, then i run to other houses to, deliver to others. i don't even get my water!
  • so i need to help everyone, okay but its not very easy you know!
  • i'm doing the same as the others, delivery, knock, run for other deliverys!
  • in five days we will go to war with the other kingdom
  • domon you can continue
  • great, with the stolen supplies we have we will surely win...
  • we have stolen the delivered oppenets supplies. they don't know we have been heading to there territory waiting for the people to deliver the supplies so we could take it when they run off to do other deliverys. we have the secret weapon ready!

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