Kit cat



This talking tofu tells a story! Modify the project by drawing more costumes for the tofu and giving it more things to say.


Educational, History, Art, Virtual Friend


input/output, advanced costume handling, layers, simple events, functions, text handling, simple sound playing

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  • #Actors:2
  • #Costumes:6
  • #Scripts:2

Text Snippets

  • hello my name is kit cat. today we are learning about hair and nails.
  • hair and nails are made of a protien called carrot tins!
  • wait what? it's not called carrot tins? its called keratin? umm ok.
  • hair grows every wear!
  • pardon? hair does not grow every wear? oh.
  • sorry people hair does not grow everywear it does not grow on lips or the palms of your hands or your soul
  • oh wait i mean the soles of your feet! oops!
  • *yawns* wow i am tired! good bye!
  • what?! we are not done yet?! i want to sleeeeep!!!!!
  • *sighs* well if you say so but this is sooo boring!
  • what is that?! pardon? what now i have to start teaching?!?
  • umm ok. . . most finger nails grow very very slowly toe nails grow much slower
  • ancient egyptians started coloring there hair and nails over 4,000 years ago
  • are hair and nails are mostly dead are nail roots or hair roots are not dead
  • ❤️❣️goodbye for now!❣️❤️


  • background scene - Drawing
    background scene - Drawing
  • Kit Cat - Happy
    Kit Cat - Happy
  • Kit Cat - WHAT?!
    Kit Cat - WHAT?!
  • Kit Cat - Hmmm
    Kit Cat - Hmmm
  • Kit Cat - grumpy
    Kit Cat - grumpy
  • Kit Cat - wow
    Kit Cat - wow
  • Plate - actor
    Plate - actor

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