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Instrument Test

by Dapper Owl



Instrument Test, a project made by Dapper Owl using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


simple messaging, visibility, delays, input/output, advanced costume handling, basic math, simple conditionals, miscellaneous, variables, simple events, text handling, resize actor, simple variables, advanced motion, simple loops

  • #Lines:621
  • #Actors:13
  • #Costumes:29
  • #Scripts:108

Text Snippets

  • this is how it works: there are 3 levels of 5 questions. if you get one correct you will get a point and at the end we will add them up and see how good you are at recognising instruments! have fun😀
  • what lnstrumemt is this?
  • what lnstrument is this?
  • what instrument is this?
  • wierd looking guitar