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Learn to Code with 6 Amazing Interest-Based Tracks

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Track 1: Art & Music

Perfect for art and music lovers, this track offers a creative way to pursue interests in art, drawing, storytelling, animation, and music while reinforcing problem-solving, critical thinking, and STEM skills.

In this track, kids get to:

  • Design animated characters
  • Experiment with geometric math art
  • Learn to compose music with code
  • Create animated birthday cards and comics
  • Recreate popular physics-based games

Track 2: Minecraft Modding - Bedrock

Designed for Minecraft lovers who use Bedrock (Windows 10 or iPad), this track introduces an easy visual approach that turns your child's enthusiasm for Minecraft into a lifelong interest in learning and making.

In this track, kids will:

  • Design skins, items, blocks, mods, and mobs
  • Model 3D creatures and modify their behaviors
  • Create mini-games, like “Sir Bouncealot”
  • Build pyramids, design railways, and generate cities
  • Access and remix from millions of community resources

Track 3: Game Design

Kids learn what it takes to make their own video game worlds as they play two immersive adventures, layout 2D game worlds, design heroes and villains, program motion, music, and game controls.

In this track, kids will:

  • Build their own versions of classic arcade games
  • Harness physics to simulate bouncing balls and realistic jumps
  • Handle user input using touch, mouse and keyboard events
  • Program fluid motion along x- and y-axes
  • Keep score using variables and lists

Track 4: Minecraft Game Design - Java

Modding! It’s kind of a big deal. Kids rapidly create and deploy Minecraft mods using Tynker’s drag-and-drop coding on their own private Minecraft Java Edition server provided by Tynker.

In this track, kids get to:

  • Build over 50 fun mods and deploy them with 1-Click
  • Design Spleef Arena, Paintball, and more multiplayer games
  • Change the behavior of entities
  • Learn world manipulation using 3D geometry
  • Play with friends on a private server

Whether kids want to turn water into gold, build instant cities, or create multi-player games, the possibilities are limitless.

Track 5: Robotics & AR

Real-world programming engages and challenges kids in new ways as they use micro:bit, LEGO WeDo, sensors and drones to engineer incredible inventions and bring their creations to life.

In this track, kids will:

  • Learn to control drones and perform aerial stunts
  • Program real world sensors with code
  • Design LED emojis, real-world thermometers, and more with micro:bit
  • Build Augmented Reality versions of Fruit Ninja, Pong, and boxing
  • Construct LEGO robots and control them with you own app

Track 6: Advanced Coding

Kids learn to create their first programs using Python, JavaScript and HTML as they solve game-based puzzles, and complete hundreds of online exercises. Advanced concepts like dictionaries, classes and objects are also covered.

In this track, kids can:

  • Build websites with HTML & CSS
  • Utilize JavaScript to build web apps and games
  • Use the HTML canvas for drawing and displaying images
  • Learn Python syntax, variables and expressions
  • Define arrays, dictionaries, and objects to store structured data

Coding is the language of the 21st century

Learning to code improves academic performance in math and reading, while developing essential skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity.