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Space Combat 2

Created by Joshua5th Grade
Space Combat 2
Created by Joshua
5th Grade

Shoot the aliens before they shoot you! CONTROLS: -Arrow keys to move -Space bar to shoot FACTS: -Ten lives -Three levels -Powerup

Final Project

Created by Caroline7th Grade
Final Project
Created by Caroline
7th Grade

Catch the Bamboo

Created by Emily6th Grade
Catch the Bamboo
Created by Emily
6th Grade

Make the panda eat the bamboo shoots and avoid the bombs. If you earn a flower, it is 5 points. The panda will follow your mouse-pointer. Have fun playing!!! Click Spacebar to start.

Success Stories

  • Coding With a Room Full of Girls

    We were so excited to run this programming workshop exclusively for girls organized by Girls Innovate! and hosted by nestGSV at Redwood City, CA. It turned out to be a fantastic event, with a room full of enthusiastic girls and their parents who came together to learn computer programming using Tynker.

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  • Summer of Code with Tynker

    This summer, kids had a blast at Tynker camps! They learned programming, but more importantly, they learned that coding is fun!

    Held in San Francisco at the Children's Creativity Museum and at schools in Palo Alto, these week-long camps were a great way for beginners to start coding. Boys and girls ranging from grades 3-9 showed off their coding skills with their first creations here.

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  • 9th Graders Teach 3rd Graders to Code With Tynker

    Tynker is an excellent way to teach children in elementary school the basics of programming or coding cool games. The games on the Tynker page are ranked from beginner to intermediate to show the difficulty of coding or programming involved.

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  • Grandpa Gifts Tynker to his Grandkids

    When John heard Tynker being used in the Hour of Code at his granddaughters' school in Seattle he was intrigued. "I liked the idea of introducing programming at such an early age," he says. He looked up Tynker and instantly decided to buy the Tynker home course as a gift for them so they could continue building on the interest developed during the Hour of Code.

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  • After School Coding Club

    One of the best moments of this adventure was when I saw a third grader teaching some first graders an aspect of Tynker. This kind of collaborative learning is something teachers love to see, and is affirmation that this was an exceptional tool to be using.

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Kids, Parents and Teachers love Tynker

I am so glad we were introduced to Tynker! Brayden gets to do something he really loves, and he feels so good about what he is accomplishing! He is having FUN and learning so much! Emilee Roberts Parent from Spring TX
Tynker has been an invaluable tool this year. It has given my students the ability to explain what they want to happen in their creations while slowly learning the specific nomenclature of computer science and game design. Jason Mickelson Teacher from St. Matthew's Episcopal Day School, CA
My favorite program was Tynker. I loved to make the game, and customizing it just to perfection. It really makes you feel free. Jonathan Student from Louisville KY
I'd like to know more about what my child can do with Tynker
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