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  • No prior programming experience needed
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Grade-specific curriculum

Select the appropriate curriculum, assign it and start teaching right away. The Tynker Starter Pack has 6 lessons, each appropriate for a 45 minute engagement. The premium version has a number of additional lesson plans applicable to each grade.

Students learn by themselves

Assign a lesson to your students. The built-in tutor provides step-by-step instruction that guides the students toward building a working project from the beginning. Students can experiment with settings to see how their programs run.

No hassle dashboards

Use the dashboards to track students' progress as they learn and master concepts. Each programming assignment is automatically scanned. No data entry is required. Get a bird's eye view of the entire classroom or look at each student's progress in detail.

Manage groups easily

Set up a single class or multiple classrooms with ease. If your school uses Google logins for students, just share the class code for them to join your classroom. If you have younger kids, you can create Tynker accounts for them. Use the CSV import feature to import a large group of students into multiple classrooms at once.

Share their creations

Publish your best creations on to your class showcase and share it with parents and friends via email, Google+, Twitter or Facebook. As a teacher you have full control of all sharing aspects. Once you add a project to the showcase, a snapshot is created so that if students modify their projects further, the showcase remains the same.

Nothing to install

If you and your students have a web browser and an Internet connection, you're good to go! There's nothing to install or set up. Since we are cloud-hosted, your projects are saved on your account on Tynker are available from school or home - anywhere you have access to the Internet.

Fun and engaging
for students

Tynker Workshop is where you and your students design and build your projects. Start by creating a scene, adding images, sounds. Use visual code blocks to rapidly program your ideas as logic. Use the Media Library and Art Studio to get creative.

Tynker Workshop is browser based, and there is nothing to install. The Workshop runs on all modern desktop browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer 9, Safari and Firefox. Mobile support is coming soon.

Visual makes it easy

Programming with Tynker is visual. Students arrange visual code blocks to rapidly program ideas into working apps. There is no need to learn programming syntax. They quickly transform their ideas and designs into games, apps, interactive animations, stories and more.

Build apps rapidly

Tynker's curriculum is filled with age-appropriate activities such as animating characters, building comics and stories, designing and building games, making animated slide shows, programming original music, and creating computer art.

Get help as you need it

Access help in the Tynker Workshop by clicking on the helper troll in the Toolbar. You can drag code blocks to the help popup to get block specific help. The help section has a number of sample projects and tutorials, how-to videos and tips and tricks that you can use while Tynkering.

Teach the way you want

Tynker is a platform that can be flexibly integrated into a classroom or school. While some schools use it in their formal computer programming curriculums, other schools use it to enhance learning in classes like math, science, art and so forth. There are currently more than 3,000 teachers using Tynker in elementary, middle and high schools in different ways.

Project Based Learning

Adriene Guiriba
Walter Hays School

3rd Grade home room teacher Adriene uses Tynker as a way to enhance their science and math curriculum. Students work on storytelling, presentations and models that complement what they learn in the classroom

Learn more about project based learning

Coding for Grades 2-6

Don Fitz-Roy
Westside Neighborhood School

Don Fitz-Roy implemented a school-wide curriculum in Westside Neighborhood School using Tynker. He uses a curriculum that he has created for grades 2-5 to gradually introduce programming and STEM skills.

More about coding for Grades 2-6

Coding for Grades 7-8

Dr Abigail Joseph
The Harker School

Dr. Abigail Joseph uses Tynker to prepare middle-school students for CS in high school. She uses Tynker to teach students more advanced computer science topics including debugging, logical reasoning and systems thinking.

More about coding for Grades 7-8

Lunchtime Coding Clubs

Smita Kolhatkar
Barron Park Elementary School

Smita Kolhatkar uses Tynker in a Lunchtime Club. Students from across grades get together in a room, and experiment - there is no formal structure or curriculum, just a gentle direction to programming, and the rest is up to the kids' imagination.

Learn more about lunchtime coding clubs

After School Programs

Dave Villafana
Joaquin Miller Middle School

Dave Villafana uses Tynker to run an After School coding club at Joaquin Miller Middle School. Being part of a school district where parents and students know that programming is a life skill, Dave has been inundated with requests from parents for programming classes.

More about after school programs

Summer Camps

Tomas Durkin
Children's Creativity Museum

Tomas Durkin used Tynker to run a one-week programming camp to teach kids at the Children's creativy Museum, San Francisco. Students ranging from ages 7-14 enjoyed building stories and games during their one -week introduction to coding in this fun setting.

Learn more about summer camps

Get Tynker Scholastic FREE for your school

Our educator-friendly platform includes everything you need to get your class up and running in minutes. With our guided learning system, students learn at their own pace, which frees you up to provide more 1-on-1 attention.

  • Grades: 3rd through 8th
  • Lessons: Lesson plans for elementary and middle grades
  • Tools: Tynker's visual programming language and the workshop

Tynker's Visual programming is easy to learn

  • Coding made visual. Students build games and mobile apps by logically arranging pre-built visual blocks of code and gradually move on to the syntax of traditional programming when they are ready.
  • Guided learning. Each lesson includes a project tutorial to teach new concepts and a hands-on assignment for students to do themselves. The built-in tutor provides step-by-step instructions for building projects and learning concepts.
  • All tools included. The Tynker Workshop is free for the whole classroom. Packed with creativity tools, including visual code blocks, a Media Library with over 5,000 animations, images and sounds, and a Character Studio where students can create and animate their own characters.

Tynker nurtures more than just technology

  • Develops creative thinking. Through animating, designing, and building projects from scratch, kids are encouraged to celebrate their creativity.
  • Builds reasoning skills. Kids build critical thinking and problem solving skills through the trial-and-error of testing the games and apps they build.
  • Supports common core standards. Lessons are designed to support and enhance common core standards.
Key Features School Standard School Premium
Pricing Free Based on courses Volume discounts available Contact Us
Puppy Adventure Puzzle PackPuzzles that introduce basic programming for Grades 1-3.
Lost in Space Puzzle PackPuzzles that introduce more advanced logic for Grades 4 and up.
Programming Basics Starter PackProject Based Learning (PBL) Lesson Plan with Tynker for Grades 3 and up.
Programming 10115-20 hour lesson plan based on PBL - stories, characters, and animations.
Programming 10215-20 hour lesson plan based on PBL - generating music, math art, and game design.
Game Design 10110-15 hour lesson plan - build a complete game from start to finish.
Creativity Tools    
Tynker Workshop Visual programming environment
Art Studio Draw and paint your own scenes
Character Studio
Create thousands of avatar animations
Media Gallery Over 4,000 sounds, animations, images, and scenes.
Physics Engine Build games effortlessly
Teacher Tools    
Manage Student Rosters Google logins, CSV Import
Lesson Planning Assign projects and lessons as needed
Automatic Assessments Comprehensive class level dashboard
Student Scorecard Assess their progress and mastery of concepts
Submission and Grading Review and grade student work
Sharing and Publishing    
Class Showcase Share classwork creations with parents and friends
Publish on the Web Embed any project as a widget on a website
Share Tynker Projects Email, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook
Response Time Within 3 days Within 24 hrs
  School Standard School Premium
Parents, get the Tynker Home Edition
and learn programming in a self-paced, professionally designed course.
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Tynker for Schools

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Teachers, parents, and students love Tynker!

We have been looking for a way to introduce the students to programming in a clear and concise manner. Other programs were either too childish or too hard. Tynker was a perfect choice. They have lessons for both elementary and middle school students that are delivered in a way that builds upon skills and concepts. We have been more than pleased with Tynker. - Jennifer Buonafede,
Academic Technology Coordinator,
Sacred Heart Schools,

Tynker makes Computer Science relevant to any student. One class period was all it took to engage every student. It's also very student-oriented. It was important to me that the pace of learning is set by the student, which I can control by the projects I assign. For students that move at a faster pace I can assign more projects to deepen and expand their learning. - Dr. Abigail,
Joseph Middle School,
Computer Science Teacher,
The Harker School

I continue to have a lot of success with the 5th grade and the Premium Lesson Plan - they are at the point now where they are creating their own activities with almost no interaction on my end - the class as a whole has truly learned how to program independently, and having tried to teach this type of skill for many years, I can say that this is quite an achievement! - Don Fitz Roy,
Westside Neighborhood School

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