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    Includes initial grade-specific lessons plans for elementary and middle school, and lifetime access to basic tools.

  • No Experience Required

    Even if you don't know programming, Tynker's approach gets you and your class coding right away.

  • Complete Solution

    Class management tools and grade-specific lesson plans provide a proven platform for success.

Built for Educators

Easy to get started

With Tynker, there's nothing for you to install and no prior experience required. To get started, all you need is a web browser and an Internet connection. Projects saved on your Tynker account are available from school or home - or anywhere you have access to the Internet!

Grade-specific curriculum

Tynker includes a set of ready-to-use lesson plans for grades 3-12. Just select the appropriate curriculum, assign it and start teaching right away. The Tynker Starter Pack has 6 lessons, each appropriate for a 45 minute engagement. The premium version has a number of additional lesson plans applicable to each grade.

Classroom management tools

Tynker enables you to quickly set up a single class or multiple classrooms with ease. If your school uses Google logins, just share the class code for students to join your classroom. You can easily create Tynker accounts for younger students. Use the CSV import feature to import a large group of students into multiple classrooms at once.

Automatic assessment system

Tynker's patent-pending technology enables you to get a detailed understanding of your students' progress at a single glance. The Class Assessment chart provides a consolidated view of the skills and concepts to which students have been introduced, are learning and have mastered. Individual performance reports allow you to monitor the progress of a single student.

Flexible platform

Tynker is a platform that can be flexibly integrated into a classroom or school - in formal computer programming classes, to enhance study in other subjects, or as part of a club or after-school program. Any teacher can use Tynker to make interactive projects based on what students are learning in class!

Guided instruction for students

A built-in tutor provides step-by-step instruction that guides students toward building a working programming project, right from the beginning. This maximizes success, minimizes frustration, and enables students to learn at their own pace. Guided instruction is also mixed with free play, so students can experiment with settings and see how their programs run.

Fun and engaging projects

Tynker Workshop is where you and your students design and build your projects. Unleash your creativity! Build a scene, then select images, animations, and sounds from the thousands of pre-built assets available in our Media Gallery. Our Character Studio helps spark inspiration and imagination - enabling students create their own avatar animations. And with Tynker's patent-pending Physics Engine, building games is almost effortless.

Creative showcase

Publish your class's best creations and share them with parents and friends via email, Google+, Twitter, or Facebook. As a teacher, you have full control of all sharing aspects. Once you add a project to the showcase, a snapshot is created, so that if students modify their projects further, the showcase remains the same.

Fun and Engaging for Students

Success from the Start

Tynker's visual code blocks make it easy for students turn their ideas into programs right away, maximizing success and minimizing frustration. There's no need for programming syntax! Students gain confidence and teachers gain valuable time.

Creativity Unleashed

Students use their imaginations to design and build projects using Tynker Workshop, our visual programming environment. Build a scene, then add images, animations and sounds from our comprehensive Media Gallery, or create avatar animations using our Character Studio.

Personalized Learning

Step-by-step instruction lets students learn at their own pace. Tynker's comprehensive online help includes sample projects, tutorials and tips, enabling students to develop and troubleshoot their own programs.

Transition to Mainstream

With Tynker, students learn fundamental programming concepts like events, variables, loops, and functions, and principles of computational thinking. Once proficient, they can seamlessly transition to Javascript coding - within the Tynker learning system.

Teach the Way You Want

Tynker can be flexibly integrated into a classroom or school. While some use it in their formal computer programming curriculum, others integrate it in many subject areas to increase computer literacy. There are currently more than 10,000 teachers using Tynker in elementary, middle and high schools in different ways to enhance their curriculum.

Project Based Learning
Reinforcing Common Core Concepts
Building Games and Apps
Teaching Programming Concepts
Practicing Computational Thinking
  • Enhancing Creativity and STEM Skills via PBL

    Adriene is using Tynker as the Project-Based Learning tool for third graders, with amazing results. "Tynker allows for artistic expression... and is totally engaging!"

    3rd Grade Teacher
    Palo Alto, California
  • Motivating Kids, Teachers
    and Parents

    After winning over students and parents with her after-school coding club, Patricia is including Tynker as an integral part of her school's technology curriculum.

    Technology Associate
    Grand Oak, North Carolina
  • Customizing a Middle School Curriculum

    Dr. Abigail Joseph's 8th graders are at different stages of learning how to program. "Tynker has options for all of them... it can be made as easy or as difficult as you want."

    Computer Science & Programming Teacher
    Saratoga, California
  • Providing Knowledge that Will Keep on Giving

    Rabbi Tauber developed a technology learning program to give elementary students "knowledge that will keep on giving... whatever professional path they choose."

    Technology Educator
    Miami, Florida
  • Kids Teaching Kids How
    to Code

    High school freshmen Cole and Akshay used Tynker games and puzzles to teach elementary students how to code. "We knew the children were having fun."

    9th Grade Student Mentors
    Camilla, Georgia
  • Second Graders: From "I need help" to "I did it!"

    Amy introduced Tynker to a class of second graders. She was amazed by how quickly they learned, how hard they worked, and how willing they were to help one another.

    2nd Grade Teacher
    Auburn, Alabama