Private Coding Lessons

We match the most effective coding expert based on your child’s needs.

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What's Included

Personalized Learning Path

Whether your child is a novice or experienced coder, the Tynker coach guides them on their journey to become an expert developer. Our blended approach includes instruction, practice and review, and can be completed at the student’s own pace.

Best Coding Tools in the Market

Lessons will be taught using Tynker, the #1 coding solution that's platform of choice in over 70,000 US schools and used by millions of students worldwide. Innovative drag-and-drop coding coupled by story-based courses keeps kids motivated while they build a strong foundation before getting into Python and Java.

Lesson Grading and Project Review

Instructors provide bi-monthly live check-ins over Zoom. All student work is reviewed by instructors and graded with feedback. Students will see inline notes and feedback right in their projects.

24x7 Access via Secure Chat

Our online platform lets kids play and learn whenever they want and, with this plan, they have direct access to their instructor and are able to ask their questions directly at any time.

Our Coaches


I’m a software engineer and game developer, and I’ve published numerous games over the past 5 years. I have a passion for teaching and believe that starting young is a great way to become an amazing developer, and I’m excited to inspire the next generation.


Hello! I’m a music scholar and block-coding instructor who loves Minecraft (and collecting LEGO kits). I have a deep appreciation for science and engineering—and ART. I like to blend the boundaries between STEM and the arts through multimedia presentations, puppetry, live storytelling, and stop-motion animation.


Hi, I’m an electronics engineering undergraduate who loves to code and create super cool websites. My hobbies include listening to music, hitting the gym, and I’m always looking for innovative ways of teaching students computer programming.


Hi, I’m a budding engineer, majoring in Information and Technology. Computer science has always been my favorite subject. I believe technology will become an integral part of human life, and I’m passionate about sharing my coding knowledge with students.

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