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Silverfish are small, bug-like mobs that have silver skin and black eyes that hide in special blocks found in strongholds . These blocks look identical to stone bricks, cobblestone , or regular stone but take slightly more time to mine than normal with a pickaxe, and will take noticeably less time to mine without one. When the block is mined, the Silverfish will pop out and attack. Destroying the blocks via Creepers or TNT simply kills the silverfish. In regular gameplay, Silverfish blocks occur rarely. If left alone, silverfish can re-enter some blocks, namely cobblestone, regular stone, and stone bricks.As of 1.0.0 (and possibly earlier), Silverfish can cause damage to a player. The coding behind them allows this to occur when a silverfish is touching a player and a change of the Y-coordinate of either the player or silverfish occurs. This can easily kill a player, since - in a confined space - receiving damage causes the player to perform a short "hop," which counts as a Y-cord change, which allows for the silverfish to damage the player again as the player is coming back down from the initial damage hop. Formerly, Silverfish could not damage the player directly, but would scurry towards the player and push them around, with the tendency to be aggravating and potentially dangerous (e.g. when around Lava / Fire ).When attacked (but not killed), Silverfish may awaken other Silverfish blocks within a 21x11x21 block area around them. This can lead to a terrifying swarm if there are enough in the vicinity, and an uncontrolled swarm can quickly destroy dozens of stone bricks within a Stronghold . They scurry away after the player moves a short distance. In addition to the special blocks, Monster Spawners that spawn silverfish can also be found in strongholds.

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