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Diamond is a rare, valuable mineral used to craft tools , armor , Enchantment Tables , and Jukeboxes . It can also be used to craft Blocks of Diamond . It is obtainable from Diamond Ore and does not require smelting (unless mined using the Silk Touch enchantment).One diamond can be collected from a diamond ore when it is mined, unless using a Fortune enchantment. Diamonds are considered one of the most valuable items in the game due to their rarity and usefulness as a hard crafting material. Tools and armor made from it are the most durable and strongest in the game.Diamonds, like creepers , have become iconic to the game. Diamonds can be found in a variety of places, but tend to be commonly found near lava beds underground because it is commonly found on the same layers as lava beds. They are the 3rd hardest mineral in vanilla Minecraft. Diamonds are the second rarest ore in minecraft, the first being Emeralds .

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