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Requesting quote for: Coding/STEAM Curriculum for K-8 School

  • 30 Courses
  • Grades K-8
  • 600 Student Licenses
  • Automatic Grading
  • Premium Training & Support
  • Classroom/School Metrics
$3,800 per year

Tynker Premium

As the #1 computer science platform available in K-8 education, Tynker is trusted by over 80,000 schools and recognized by brands like Apple, Microsoft, Parrot, and Mattel as a premier CS teaching tool. Tynker’s comprehensive coding solution allows you to take your students beyond engagement and achieve coding mastery.

New features for the 2019 school year:

  • Block and Python courses for programming Micro: bit
  • Six iPad coding courses for grades PreK-2
  • New collaborative coding tools for students in the classroom
  • Spanish coding courses for ELS students
  • Advanced school/district analytics for administrators



Grades K-5


Grades 6-8


Grades K-8

Coding Courses on Tynker.com 2 7 8 13
Coding Courses on Tynker iPad App 2 12 10 19
PreK-2 Coding Courses on Tynker Jr. iPad App 1 6 N/A 6
Hour of Code Lessons and Seasonal Projects 30+ Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
STEM Coding Courses N/A 6 6 12
Professional Development and support Basic Premium Premium Premium
School/District performance dashboards N/A
Student metrics tracking N/A