A high school course designed to introduce students to the foundations of data analysis using Python.

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Data Science 1 Lesson Plan

Unit 5: Capstone Project

It's time for students to go through the real-world process of data analysis from start to finish. Students will complete open-ended challenges where they'll conduct data analysis independently. Activities include finding a data set, performing some initial analysis and clean-up, and creating original visualizations from scratch!

Suggested Unit Pacing Guide

WeekUnit Pacing
Week 8Final Lab
Week 9Final Lab

This pacing guide assumes a school calendar that will have:
  • One or two days at the start of the school year for school and classroom orientation activities
  • A few days when class time will be shorten due to unexpected interruptions such as fire drills or assemblies
  • A few days that school does not meet due to weather or teacher professional development
  • Several days that class will not meet due to school-wide standardized testing

If you are falling behind:
  • Reduce or eliminate some Challenges
  • Reduce or eliminate the "if time permits" parts of lessons

If you are getting ahead:
  • Provide students more time on the end-of-Unit Labs and their Final Project
  • Allow students to revise and resubmit their Labs based on your feedback
  • Revisit Challenges and expect students to complete more of the Challenges
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Class Presentations

These student-facing slide presentations help educators seamlessly run Tynker lessons in a virtual or physical classroom setting. Each lesson has its own set of slides that introduce the big ideas, suggest unplugged activities, and include a section for each activity module. While running lesson slides, you can switch back and forth between the activity, the slides, answer keys and other lesson materials.
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Lesson 1
Unit 1: Introduction
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Lesson 2
Unit 2: Graphs
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Lesson 3
Unit 3: DataFrames
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Lesson 4
Unit 4: Complex Charts
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Lesson 5
Unit 5: Capstone Project
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