A high school course designed to introduce students to the foundations of data analysis using Python.

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Data Science 1 Lesson Plan

Unit 2: Graphs

Students will learn how to do the basics: create histograms, bar charts, line graphs, and scatter plots. Through this process, students will practice using matplotlib, the most popular Python visualization library! This unit also includes several guided projects, which will help students understand how and why to use each kind of graph. Finally, they'll use data from NASA to visualize the monthly rainfall in their hometown!

Suggested Unit Pacing Guide

WeekUnit Pacing
Week 3Lessons 2.1 - 2.5
Week 4Lessons 2.6 - 2.7, 3.1 - 3.3

This pacing guide assumes a school calendar that will have:
  • One or two days at the start of the school year for school and classroom orientation activities
  • A few days when class time will be shorten due to unexpected interruptions such as fire drills or assemblies
  • A few days that school does not meet due to weather or teacher professional development
  • Several days that class will not meet due to school-wide standardized testing

If you are falling behind:
  • Reduce or eliminate some Challenges
  • Reduce or eliminate the "if time permits" parts of lessons

If you are getting ahead:
  • Provide students more time on the end-of-Unit Labs and their Final Project
  • Allow students to revise and resubmit their Labs based on your feedback
  • Revisit Challenges and expect students to complete more of the Challenges
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Class Presentations

These student-facing slide presentations help educators seamlessly run Tynker lessons in a virtual or physical classroom setting. Each lesson has its own set of slides that introduce the big ideas, suggest unplugged activities, and include a section for each activity module. While running lesson slides, you can switch back and forth between the activity, the slides, answer keys and other lesson materials.
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Lesson 1
Unit 1: Introduction
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Lesson 2
Unit 2: Graphs
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Lesson 3
Unit 3: DataFrames
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Lesson 4
Unit 4: Complex Charts
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Lesson 5
Unit 5: Capstone Project
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