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Intro to Programming

3 courses

Game Design

6 courses

JavaScript and Python

3 courses

Minecraft Modding

6 courses

2000+ Activities

Learn through games

Creativity Suite

Build apps and games

Minecraft Server

Invite friends to play

Imagination Powered by Code

Design Games
Kitty Dress Up by Paige

A Gift Everyone Will Love

My 8 year old son just completed the Tynker programming course. It was a fantastic learning experience for him... Keep up the good work! Brian Perron, Ph.D. Parent from Ann Arbor MI
I tried Tynker for programming. I like... the freedom it gives you, and how I can make whatever I want, and show my animations to my friends. Ayann Student from KY
I just had my first group of 6th graders coding - Instant engagement! Love it (plus now I am a teacher hero). Paula Pletcher Teacher from St. Simon School, IN