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Zebra Adventure 1

by Pleasing Fax

originally from "Zebra Adventure" by Quickest Astronomy



Zebra Adventure 1, a project made by Pleasing Fax using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game, Battle, Photo, Animation, Animals


delays, basic math, simple variables, miscellaneous, simple loops, variables, simple conditionals, advanced math, conditional loops

  • #Lines:610
  • #Actors:20
  • #Costumes:44
  • #Scripts:101

Text Snippets

  • Zebra Adventure 1
  • Seal Single Bark
  • center message box
  • hello! i’m gemstallion!
  • i will train you!
  • so use your joystick to move.
  • now press the attack button to shoot gems!
  • good job! i will help you more later!
  • great! you made it!
  • i gave you a shop as a rewerd!
  • you can buy skins in the shop!
  • your first mission is to defeat the orbs on the beach and make it into the human ship!
  • the ship is leaving now.
  • get through the ride and you will make it to the blackherd lair!
  • haha you survived! well thats a pity because your efforts will go down now!!! shadow orbs!
  • nonono only gemstallion has defeated me before who are you?
  • bottom message box
  • not gemstallion, thats who!!
  • so... you actually did come...
  • now i can finally show you who i really am...
  • i am blackstallion!
  • i’m an amazing trickster!
  • i will battle you now...
  • after i let you defeat my friends. hint: you can’t.
  • buy next upgrade?
  • not enough money