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Yet Another Drawing App!! 1

by Dopey Language

originally from "Yet Another Drawing App!!" by Flashy Sorbet



Yet Another Drawing App!! 1, a project made by Dopey Language using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game


basic math, simple conditionals, simple sound playing, variables, miscellaneous, simple variables, advanced math, conditional loops, delays

  • #Lines:304
  • #Actors:43
  • #Costumes:43
  • #Scripts:90

Text Snippets

  • Yet Another Drawing App!! 1
  • you can't paint on the black bars. if you can see them, ignore them
  • hey there! what can you draw using the colors in your pallette?
  • adventurous music
  • bottom message box
  • song playing: drawing music. (note: absolutely not peep music)
  • Adventurous Music
  • why can’t i name these instead of my boss?
  • appears it is “racist” to say “black” these days. oops i just did
  • funny thing happened today. i ran over my daughter’s head
  • i can’t see the sky
  • how tf is that gold?
  • do you love these jokes?
  • whatever the heck this color is
  • whatever the heck this color also is
  • this seems more like gold
  • was this color invented in turkey?
  • closer to road black
  • we’re almost done m8s
  • i can’t believe we’re done!
  • african-american
  • button pink small
  • center message box
  • bigger or smaller?
  • Button Pink Small
  • loading animator studio...
  • error: animation studio is non existent.
  • button pink small1
  • are you sure you want to clear the canvas?
  • button pink small11
  • button pink small111
  • what is the x of the text? (in other words, where you want it to be horizontally)
  • what is the y of the text? (in other words, where you want it to be vertically)
  • what color do you want the text?
  • how big do you want your text?
  • what text would you like to add? (text will not be deletable without clearing canvas!)
  • is this the real purple?
  • very very light gray
  • i’m gonna get lazy, bye
  • button pink small1111
  • lol just use your device’s volume controls

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