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Western waffles

by Many Robot



Western waffles, a project made by Many Robot using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Storytelling


advanced costume handling, delays, input/output, simple sound playing, advanced motion, visibility

  • #Lines:142
  • #Actors:1
  • #Costumes:26
  • #Scripts:1

Text Snippets

  • howdy. im sheriff waffles. today, im going to give you a tour of this ol'e western town. follow me.
  • waffles on horse
  • waffles off horse
  • yee meow! welcome to cat town! lets go check out the saloon.
  • howdy! im bill the saloon server. can i get you a cactus juice or milk?
  • waffles saloon 2
  • milk please. with bendie straw.
  • awww... that hit the spot. now, lets go check out the barn.
  • welcome to mr. tom catt's ranch! look at all these sheep!
  • howdy! welcome to my farm! would you like to help me shear my sheeps! i'll give you 50 cents.
  • western waffles shearing
  • sure thing! lets get to it!
  • oh wow! betty is beautiful! thanks for shearing her. here you go- 50 cents. well good bye now!
  • now lets go to the river.
  • now lets go take a dip in the river.
  • waffles out of water
  • brrrr.... its freezing in here! well, at least im clean. now, lets go visit the fields.
  • wait... did you hear that? i think its... oh no! its the barking of the outlaw fido the evil dog. lets get him.
  • fido. i thought you were in jail. time for a jail reunion. im warning you. i have a gun and lasso and im not afraid to use it.
  • i'll never surrender you scardy cat. now i dont ahve a gun or rope, but i have claws and a big blow hole. i better show you how they work.
  • those were my claws and speed and now for my blow hole.
  • waffles after attack
  • ouch... he's super strong. i think i can tie him with my lasso.
  • ha! time to put you back in prison.
  • oh my! you captured the most notorious villain in cat town! thank you so much sheriff waffles! you saved the town!
  • waffles captured wolf
  • oh it was nothing really. i just did what anyone else would do!
  • we'll lock him up in the most secure prison cell, i can assure you. well bye now!
  • well, today has been great givin you a tour of my town. i hope you enjoyed it. before you leave, look at the constellation of my face.
  • western waffles copy
  • waffles in saloon

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