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Upgrade Clicker v1.7.2

by Worrisome Haircut



Upgrade Clicker v1.7.2, a project made by Worrisome Haircut using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Animation, Game, Clicker, Photo, Cool / Wow, Storytelling, Music, Customizer


basic math, simple variables, miscellaneous, simple conditionals, variables, delays, advanced math, lists, simple loops

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  • #Actors:24
  • #Costumes:29
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Text Snippets

  • Upgrade Clicker v1.7.2
  • welcome to upgrade clicker! in this game, you click for money then buy upgrades that help you earn more money per click! make sure to check out the change log and use code “freemoney” for $5000! have fun!
  • *this is an original game made by hifancy! if the creator of this game isn’t hifancy! or jian, please report this game right away. thanks!
  • click for money!
  • uncommon upgrade
  • legendary upgrade
  • wow! you got a rare upgrade! (10% chance!) you now earn $
  • more dollars per click!
  • top plain message box
  • nice! you got an uncommon upgrade! (30% chance!) you now earn $
  • k more dollars per click!
  • m more dollars per click!
  • b more dollars per click!
  • you got an upgrade! you now earn $
  • more dollar(s) to buy an upgrade!
  • uncommon upgrades
  • oh my gosh! you just got a legendary upgrade!!! (1% chance) you now earn $
  • wow! you got a rare upgrade! (30% chance!) you now earn $
  • nice! you got an uncommon upgrade! you now earn $
  • more dollar(s) to buy an uncommon upgrade!
  • k more dollar(s) to buy an uncommon upgrade!
  • buy for guranteed uncommon upgrades!
  • legendary upgrades
  • version 1.6.2 - added k, m, b, and t to common upgrade, changed all labels to text
  • would you like to see the previous update?
  • version 1.7.2 - new code! use code “freemoney” for $5000!
  • version 1.7.1 - fixed a few typos on labels
  • version 1.7 - new codes system! codes are given out by hifancy! use code “newcodes” for $5000!
  • version 1.6.4 - fixed money per click button and added m when your earn more than 1,000,000 per click.
  • version 1.6.3 - fixed font sizes of some labels, changed font of menu
  • version 1.6.1 - fixed rebirths along with adding k, m, b, t, and qa to rebirth requirenment. still working on other labels and upgrades to fix!
  • version 1.6 - brand new menu button! the change log and money per click buttons were moved there along with the brand new rebirths! to rebirth, you need to be earning at least 5,000 per click. if you rebirth, you will now earn x2 money from all upgrades! if you rebirth again for twice the cost, you’ll earn x3 as much as before, also added t and qa when you reach in the trillions and quadrillions.
  • version 1.5 - you can now view the previous updates all the way back to when the game was first released! also, when you reach more than 100k and more than 100m, your money is now rounded to the nearest k or m, cost for upgardes is labeled like before when remaining cost is less than 1000
  • version 1.4 - when money reaches 1000, it now displays as 1k, also added it for million as “m” and billion as “b”
  • version 1.3.2 - added warning to report copies if the creator doesn’t say hifancy! or if the message was changed/removed, fixed thumbnail
  • version 1.3.1 - added “an original game by hifancy!” to intro
  • version 1.3 - new thumbnail for upgrade clicker, fixed amount earned from uncommon and rare upgrades when buying upgardes from “upgrade” button.
  • version 1.2.1 - new look for change log and tutorial, added “$” to your money and removed money label
  • version 1.2 - buffed uncommon upgarde (+4 to +5), buffed rare upgarde (+10 to +20), buffed legendary upgrade (+50 to +200) added new money per click button (shows how much you earn per click) and rare upgrade button ($1,000,000 to buy - 90% rare, 10% legendary) and a secret was added into the game...
  • version 1.1 - changed name of this game to “upgrade clicker,” new uncommon upgrade button (1% legendary, 30% rare, 69% uncommon) and legendary rarity (50 more per click)
  • version 1 - upgrading simulator published!
  • did you know you just got the secret godly upgrade!!! (0.1% chance, if you didn’t mess with the code...) you now earn $
  • oh my gosh! you just got a legendary upgrade!!! (
  • % chance) you now earn $
  • wow! you got a rare upgrade! you now earn $
  • more dollar(s) to buy a rare upgrade!
  • k more dollar(s) to buy a rare upgrade!
  • buy for guranteed rare upgrades!
  • bottom message box
  • k dollars per click!
  • are you sure you would like to rebirth? you will lose all of your money and upgrades though!
  • you rebirthed! all upgrades are now
  • x better than before!
  • you need to be earning $
  • qa dollars per click!
  • t dollars per click!
  • b dollars per click!
  • m dollars per click!
  • enter any existing codes here. codes are given by hifancy!
  • successfully entered code “hackspls”
  • how many rebirths would you like?
  • your rebirths are now being added.
  • you can’t have “
  • lol u thought u can exploit codes
  • successfully entered code “freemoney”
  • you recieved $5000!
  • successfully redeemed code “yourwelcometaran”
  • the chance for a legendary upgrade is now 30%! your welcome!
  • successfully redeemed code “newcodes”
  • your money now autoclicks depending on your rebirths! *to redeem the original code, use “freecodes”
  • that is not a code/code is spelled incorrectly

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