Under the spot light. 1

by Fitting Granola



Under the spot light. 1, a project made by Fitting Granola using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.




simple sound playing

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Text Snippets

  • Under the spot light. 1
  • pls coppy i dont no what i did lol
  • hello im going to perform!
  • i have thes dreams ware i cant move a thing i no that u wont me dead
  • i bont dance now i mack manny moves no see i dont gatta dace
  • ya im ganna tack my hars to the halt town rowd im ganna ried tell i kant more i got the hores in the back
  • bus down thoteanna iwanna see u bust dowon pik it up and bust that stuff down speed it up
  • we pop out ate u partty im weth game in its ganna be a robry so tuck u chan im a killer girl im sorry but i cant chang she ant like hare boddy she lft the dockter weth a now shap
  • gast say to me wht u really wont fram me i thot u wont thes life sed u wonet to see me third u lied girl
  • cache me a outsid how adut that
  • pleas me babby tarn arond and gast teas me babby u got waht i wont and wht i need
  • she sed she wanna dance but she dont no how to wow ow she dont like me
  • latlly i been thiking i wont u to be happer so ill gooo ill goo i wll go go go
  • babby puting on for the sitty babby macking manny
  • i wock up and cres brons boody so how the s*** tarn in to freaky fry daynand we ant got no chos but to tarn thes shet sied was


  • background scene - Spotlight Stage
    background scene - Spotlight Stage

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