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TYNKERNEWS4U, a project made by ROAR! using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


input/output, advanced animation, text handling, identification, simple sound playing

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Text Snippets

  • welcome live to news station tynkernews4you.
  • my name is kyra f. gyeans and i am your host for today.
  • so what exactly is happening in tynker?
  • well first what are the top 5 trending projects of today?(wednesday it makes a difference when you view this)
  • slither micro v1.3.7 by bt-yt!(please let me know if there is a spelling mistake bt-yt)
  • doge clicker by littleoswald!
  • bossfight:revealeo by littleoswald!
  • 2-player football by reckless wrap!
  • great job to all you guys out there!
  • but maybe you don't code projects.
  • nah, you like something more extreme!
  • like collecting crystals and power-ups and blasting others in the face!
  • so introducing the top 5 battle champs!
  • (by the way i got their names right to the letter.)
  • electrofrier509!
  • i would like a double ristretto venti half-soy nonfat decaf organic chocolate brownie iced vanilla double shot gingerbread frappucino extra hot with foam whipped cream upside down double blended one sweet'n low and one nutrasweet, and ice please.make that two actually.thank you games.
  • painful seagull!
  • well folks looks like we just ran out of time here!
  • tune in next time to hear who is the top 5 monster coders!
  • who is your favorite coder?
  • is it fond muffin?
  • make a project stating your favourite coder and why and i'll have a look at it and see who is tynker's favourite cder!
  • personal information is not to be disclosed.
  • for example,"i like this coder because he is my brother"
  • i will pass over that!
  • you may also ask me questions!
  • till the next episode!
  • no copying allowed.
  • subscribe to my channel!(follow me)
  • this is kyra f. gyeans signing out!
  • and if this project is lousy i'm sorry i was rushing before the info changed.
  • but still please feature this tynker so everyone can participate in the poll.


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