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Tynker: story mode E1

by CoolDude3



Tynker: story mode E1, a project made by CoolDude3 using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


simple messaging, input/output, advanced costume handling, detect conditions, advanced animation, direction and turning, simple motion, delays, visibility, simple events, conditional wait, advanced motion, advanced math, simple costume handling, simple variables, conditional loops, functions, simple conditionals, resize actor, layers, program control, basic math, advanced messaging, miscellaneous, variables

  • #Lines:139
  • #Actors:5
  • #Costumes:14
  • #Scripts:23

Text Snippets

  • Tynker: story mode E1
  • hmmmm... where did he go?
  • buddy will remember this.
  • i'm a storm yes!!!!!!!

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Tynker: story mode E1