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Tynker Recommendations

by Codelikeaboss



Tynker Recommendations, a project made by Codelikeaboss using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Social, Storytelling, My News, Simulator, Art


input/output, advanced costume handling, visibility, simple events, simple messaging, delays, simple costume handling, simple loops

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Text Snippets

  • Tynker Recommendations
  • plz, if i get ether 3k likes or 100k views i will make an ultimate tynker,and i will allow anyone anyone to copy it.
  • hello, my name is ellie!!
  • hello, this is tynker recomendations. i will talk to you about some good tynkers, and about them. ( sorry if your tynker is not on this list, but it might be soon!!! )
  • okay, lets begin!!!!
  • one i have found is job interviews by unknown... it is a very fun and interactive game, i've tried it myself and it was so cool!!! next tynker...
  • the next awesome tynker is my pet tuna by jasmine. it is a very cute game, and i tried it, i loved it, and i bet you will love little tuna too!!
  • another epic tynker is abductions by spacedino. it is a very advanced game and let me say i am really impressed. the coding... wow. graphics, omgoodness!! this is such a cool tynker, i so reccomend it!!!
  • check this out: tynker tutorial by danae. it is a very educational video for beginners, who are learning to code, so i give it a big thumbs up!!!!
  • and also, make sure to look out for an incoming tynker, called test it. from a somebody i heard it is really cool, but simple. lots of kids in a place somewhere like it, i bet.
  • oh, check this awesome stuff here!!! its game machine by icyfrost!!! l to the o to the v to the e love it!!!
  • huh??? sorry, better take this
  • oh, hi!!! how was the interview? what?? they asked you about spongebob and made you take care of a pet named tuna?? weird. see you later at my party!!
  • what!? you didnt know about my party??? why, i am inviting alot of my friends to the party
  • oops, silly me!!! i forgot to invite you to my party!!!
  • anyway, 3k likes at least or other, i will make the epic party for tynker!!! bye now!!!
  • drawing copy copy