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Tynker questions 1

by Dopey Language

originally from "Tynker questions" by Plump Influence



Tynker questions 1, a project made by Dopey Language using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game


simple conditionals, basic math, miscellaneous

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  • #Actors:13
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Text Snippets

  • Tynker questions 1
  • today l’m going to ask you some questions about tynker.
  • there 6 quetions have to anser them all
  • 1. if you put hide in stage does it work?
  • 2. why is every code have a colour?
  • so we know what is it
  • to make it look good/not confusing
  • 3. why l’m l asking this?
  • so l know more about tynker
  • to test me on tynker
  • 4. how do l move codes
  • 5. what are the purple blocks called
  • that what it ‘looks’ like
  • 6. what button do i press to publish
  • first ( top to bottom )
  • 7. l’m l a boy or a girl?
  • 😤😤😤😤😤l’m a girl!!!
  • 8. what deviese can’t you play/download tynker
  • ipad ( inclueding ipad pro )
  • yesss ( you can do scratch on a mac book )
  • good jod you finished the tynker quiz feel free to look at the codes but don’t change them
  • and please don’t remix