TTF Fan Club// The Fox Den!

by Choco.Mc.Muffin (TTF)



Just remix saying you want to join! First one to join is co-leader the next 5 have access to special things on my account, you can also talk to me on


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delays, simple loops

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  • quok - atariwave [free download]
  • this is a place where i basically just help all my fans be able to be noticed and for us all to connect and basically be like a big family! the perks are being able to talk to join my ttf fan club chat and to talk to me on tynker whenever!
  • there are different fan teirs, and i will explain the following
  • the lowesr and first is- younf fox. young foxes can make a ttf sona which i will explain in a different project. they also receive a ttf badge that has the link to the chat.
  • the second teir is- apprentice fox. members of this teir can get a badge with links to my whiteboardfox and the chat also a ttf sona
  • the third their- warrior fox. members of this teir get one drawing of choice, only colored no shading. you can also join my zoom.
  • the fourth teir- leader fox. these members can join my zoom and gmail in their badge including lower teirs
  • the 5th teir- magical fox. only good tynker friends or people ive bonded with for a long time now. they are same as 4th teir but i treat them like good friends not just members also they help manage the club
  • last teir- ttf. me lol
  • now how do you get your teir up? i you get more points for fanart, talking to me, and just being a good tynkerer! dont ask to be a 5th teir though lol
  • just remix this project with your name and oc! ill remix back with your badge and make your oc your ttf sona! unless you want to make your own ttf sona


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    background scene - images
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My new oc (plz dont steal ir copy)
My new oc (plz dont steal ir copy) i mean it
My new oc (plz dont steal ir copy) i mean it 1