TRON legacy

by Quick Goose



TRON legacy, a project made by Quick Goose using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Digital Art, Social


simple variables, simple events, simple drawing, simple loops, input/output, simple motion, basic math, direction and turning, advanced events, color detection, visibility, delays, text handling, simple messaging, functions, pen color, miscellaneous, simple conditionals, program control, graphic effects, simple sound playing

  • #Lines:171
  • #Actors:12
  • #Costumes:12
  • #Scripts:30

Text Snippets

  • i am the creator of lots of projects you have loved...
  • bottle flip sim, mentos in coke, hero of archery, mutate, piano mayhem, zombie apocolipce, popcorn and lots, lots more stuff that i dont need to mention.
  • only copy if ur going to upgrade.
  • sorry if the drones die strait away, because i couldn't figure out how to make them turn when needed
  • please like! ❤️10k


  • background scene - grid
    background scene - grid
  • drawing - drawing
    drawing - drawing
  • drawing1 - drawing
    drawing1 - drawing
  • drawing2 - drawing
    drawing2 - drawing
  • drawing3 - drawing
    drawing3 - drawing
  • drawing31 - drawing
    drawing31 - drawing
  • image - image
    image - image
  • image1 - image
    image1 - image
  • drawing4 - drawing
    drawing4 - drawing
  • drawing41 - drawing
    drawing41 - drawing
  • drawing411 - drawing
    drawing411 - drawing
  • drawing4111 - drawing
    drawing4111 - drawing
  • image2 - image
    image2 - image